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Class Expectations And Syllabus Essay

901 words - 4 pages

Students, before you start looking for the work to completed in this course, you should first read all of the links in the Getting Started module. All of this information is important and vital to your success in this course. Additionally, as you work through each module, be sure to look at every link within each module.

Your grade will be determined through a combination of completion of assignments, participation in the discussion board, exams and reports.

To be successful in this course, you should plan on spending 12-15 hours per week on this course including reading the text, participating in online discussions, writing papers, studying online materials, taking tests and visiting outside facilities.

I expect all assignments and exams to be completed by the deadlines given in the course Events. Assignments must be submitted through the course dropbox. Assignments, late or otherwise, will not be accepted as attachments to e-mails.

If you have any questions regarding assignments, quizzes or other parts of this course, please contact me as soon as possible by making a post in the Discussions - Course and D2L Questions board. Do not wait until an assignment or test deadline has passed before you inform me of your problem. Make a post on the Discussion Board so that I or one of your classmates can help you, I want to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.



The Teaching Profession

A. Why Teach?
B. Rewards of Teaching
C. Teacher Preparation, Licensure, and Certification
D. The Education of a Teacher

DISSCUSSION 1 - Of the Different roles played by teachers which role do you think is the most important?

The Professional Teacher

A. Teaching as a Profession
B. Requirements of a Profession
C. Professional Code of Ethics

DISCUSSION 2 - Why should a teacher develop and implement a plan for professional growth?
TEXTBOOK CHAPTER 1 - Preparing to Use Technology
ACTIVITY 1 - The Competent Teacher (Journal Review)
QUIZ 1 - Chapter 1

The School

A. Where Teachers Work: Schools
B. What is a School?
C. Purposes of Schools
D. The Teacher's Philosophy
E. Student Diversity
F. The Curriculum

ACTIVITY 2 - Why should a teacher use instructional technology in the classroom?



Using Technology to Improve Education

A. Teachers Teach
B. What Makes a Teacher Effective?
C. How are Teachers Evaluated?
D. Teachers as Instructional Designers
E. Instructional Design Models
F. How Do Philosophies of Teaching Translate into Practice?

ACTIVITY 3 - Teacher...

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