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My paper is about an experiment my class did to see the walking ramps on the Sequoyah High School’s campus do or do not meet the requirements in the Americans with Disability Act. All of the measurements were done in inches. For this experiment, my class measured twenty-seven ramps around the campus. The instruments we used for this experiment was a plum, yard stick, leveled laser beam, tape measure, paper, and a pencil. We measured the ramps height from the top to the bottom of the ramp, length of ramp, the width of the ramp, the landing (on top and bottom of the ramp), and height of rails as a class. By ourselves, we had to look up the American Disability Act requirements and an interior angle of the ramp. I used the law of sine to find an interior angle of the ramps.

In this experiment, my class tried to see if the walk ramps around Sequoyah High School campus meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements and guidelines for handicapped wheelchair ramp access. We used a plum, yardstick, measuring tape, leveled laser beam, paper and pencil in this experiment. We found the height of the ramp, length of ramp, width of ramp, the landing (length and width) of the top and bottom the ramp and height of ramp together as a class. We found the height (including the height of leveled laser beam) by using the plum and yardstick from the bottom of the ramp. Using the plum helped us make sure that the yardstick was vertical with the ground and not leaning left or right. We used the measuring tape to find the length of ramp, starting from the top of the ramp to the bottom, not including the landings on the top or bottom of the ramp. Measuring tape was also used to measure the height of handrails (interior and exterior) and width of ramp. We measured twenty-seven ramps in inches.

After measuring the ramps, the class, individually, had to find the angle of elevation in each ramps and finding the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and guidelines. Before finding the angle, I had to subtract the height of the leveled laser beam, three and a half inches, from the height of each ramp. I used sine to find out the interior angle in the ramp. The equation to find the angle was ArcSin (Opp/Hypo), which equaled the angle. The ADA standards require a 1:12 slope ratio, which equals 4.76 degrees or one foot in length to each inch in height (“ADA Modular Wheelchair Ramp Specifications & Guidelines”). For example, 30 inches in height would need at least 30 feet in length to meet the ADA requirements for a handicap wheelchair ramp. ADA requirements requires a minimum of a five by five flat landing on the top and bottom of each ramp (“ADA Modular Wheelchair Ramp Specifications & Guidelines”). ADA Standards require wheelchair ramps to have a thirty-six inch, a yard, width of each ramp; the width would start from the interior side of the closest handrail to the inside side of the handrail across. A turning...

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