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Class II Formal Statement
I am under the impression that athletes are allowed to eat with their teams in non-regimental attire. Many, if not all, of the teams eat together on the mess deck in their own attire. This hasn’t been a problem for me or other athletes in the past.
Unbeknownst to me however, I’ve been written a class II violation for eating with my team in civilian attire. I feel as though this violation was wrongly assigned, not just because I was with my sports team, but because the “issue” was not addressed in person, nor the assigning of consequence.
This is what happened. I woke up in the morning at 0530 and attended basketball practice at 0600. Practice finished at 0800, which was more like 0810 because we always huddle up and have a post practice discussion. By the time I was done showering it was around 0830 and I was walking up to the mess deck in sports attire, probably shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers, accompanied by my teammates. I wasn’t on the mess deck longer than 30 minutes because I know I had humanities homework that needed to be done before 1000. My teammates, Nicholas Depatsey, Riley Macleod, Andrew Liebert, Adam Richardson, Colby Furrow, Riley Jorgenson, Marquis Flegler, and assistant coach Caleb Tipton will confirm that I was there, as they are regularly in attendance after our practice for team meals. I was allegedly seen at 0850 out of uniform, which I don’t deny, however this violation wasn’t addressed in person. How am I supposed to know that the accuser actually saw me in violation, or if I’m being written up simply based on hearsay. If I’m to be expected to be held accountable for a violation I should be addressed in person on the matter, otherwise there is no accountability placed on the accuser, and he/she could be writing students up for things that shouldn’t be written up for, are highly exaggerated, or not true at all. It should also be stated that a class II...

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