Class Is No Longer Relevant In Australia

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The following essay will present the argument "Class is no longer relevant in Australia". To say that class is irrelevant in today's society is a great understatement. Although the statement may have some authority as Australia shouldn't have class structures, this essay will demonstrate the fact that class struggles are increasing in our lives and that they are still relevant in Australia. This argument will be presented to testify that the above statement about the relevance of class in Australia is incorrect and that it still does exist.A suitable starting point for the discussion of this statement is to examine the definitions of the relevant ...view middle of the document...

Data collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' 1986 Income Distribution Survey (IDS) states that this is true, with the top one percent of the population holding almost twenty percent of the wealth and the next ten percent holding more than half the wealth (Dilnot, A. (1990, p.15).According to the above stated IDS, as the top twenty-one percent of the population holds different amounts of wealth, they do not share "economic characteristics" as the Macquarie Dictionary states class to be, therefore, class struggles are relevant in Australia.One of the arguments that is present by Marx is that the majority of people are alienated from the control over production and further that class struggles and inequalities are present in each generation. (Handbook HUM1007. 1999, p.17) The only change that can be seen from Marxist theory to today's society is that we increasingly have the ability to move between classes, although it is difficult.The above essay has presented arguments for both sides of the statement that class is no longer relevant in Australia. However as can be seen from the above information, there is a stronger case on the side that this statement is in fact incorrect. Class is still relevant in Australia.List of References1998, The Macquarie Dictionary, The Macquarie Library Pty Ltd, NSWDilnot, A. (1990) "From most to least: New figures on wealth distribution", Australian Society.Handbook HUM1007 'Social Sciences in Australia' 1999, School of Humanities, Griffith University, Brisbane

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