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School Of Ed Essay

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My mom once said that the most important gift she ever received was the gift of literacy. Through elementary school most experience falling asleep while reading along side your parents your favorite bedtime story. As one matures and progresses into middle school, reading and writing instant messages with your closets friends is the cool and hip form of communication. Then as high school comes and goes that small child who once read a picture book before bed, will fill out their first of many job applications. Before that first job application, being capable to read and write was simply something learned in school and practiced not only in school but also through hobbies such as reading and communicating, just to name a few. Due to the basics of reading and writing, people everyday are able to further themselves in life and become contributors to society. Without the knowledge learned in grade school, and expanded upon in middle and high school, one would not be able to even fill out an application. Through observing the importance of literacy within my extended family, I strive to teach the importance of reading and writing beyond the getting an A on a paper; I strive to be an educator to prepare students for life after high school.
My family’s philosophies and experiences regarding career pathways and education vary significantly from my paternal side of the family, the Snow’s, to my maternal side, the Jorgensen’s. Varying amounts of education resulted in completely different professions and lifestyles for each family. Due to this, when my father and mother married opposite truly united and an example of the interdependence of yin and yang took form. By observing the differences in my grandfather’ educational and professional accomplishments, I once again recognized how important it is to be literate regardless of one’s career path.
My dads father, Charlie Snow was a self-earning, go-getter who at the age of thirteen quit school. He rented a room in a boarding house, started driving a truck to pay his bills and lied about his age so he could enlist in the US Army. While in the army and working on tanks, planes and anything that required a motor to run, Grandpa C. learned the essentials of being an auto mechanic. These hands-on skills, along with reading countless books on being a mechanic and business management, furthered his knowledge of motors and how to run a successful small business. All of these accomplishments allowed my grandfather the opportunity to open and run Snow Automotive for over 50 years. Grandma and Grandpa Snow raised four successful children, none of which graduated from college.
Differing from the Snow’s, the maternal side of my family is made up of many educators. My mother’s father, Don Jorgensen, furthered his education by graduating from Colorado College in 1959 and immediately became a high school science teacher. Grandpa Don attended Drake University during his summers and eventually earned a Master’s of...

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