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Class Room Based Assesment Essay

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In this day and age to be a civilized human seems quite simple until you start to really ponder the idea of what really is a civilized human. In my eyes a civilized human is one who follows the spoken and unspoken rules of their society. The spoken rules are much easier to follow, because they are public knowledge such as being kind towards other human beings. The unspoken rules are much harder to follow because you have to be learning them from other peoples experience on the earth. Taking honor in yourself and knowing how to act in the correct situations can be a bit more difficult then just being kind towards others.

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One of the unspoken rules people struggle with is to take honor and pride in yourself. This has been a problem since the early days of civilization we have struggled to take pride in ourselves. We have witnessed so many stories of murders and people getting raped its ridiculous. The people committing these crimes are taking no pride in themselves and committing these crimes. As it states in the rape of lecretia “when he had raped her he left, having taken away her honor” (Rape of Lucretia). When you commit one of these horrid crimes, you not taking pride in yourself you are taking away the pride in other people, making it harder for other people to take pride in them.
    Taking Pride in yourself is one of the most important unspoken rules in society. In my opinion, when you don’t take pride in yourself you don’t really progress in your learning and ideas’ because you don’t think anything you do is important. Which will lead to you not feeling important and everyone’s thoughts mean something because you can collaborate your thoughts together and form something new or a thought that would’ve of been better with one thought better than two.
A really important part of being a civil human is to know how to act in the correct situation. If you are acting how you act around your friends at a professional job interview you will obviously not get the job. If you are acting very professional and calm around your “bros” you will probably get laughed at and probably be a buzz kill. If you are goofing around at the dinner table you will probably get grounded or your date will probably not want to have a second date. “Soldiers and commanders both shared a strong sense of duty to the state – there is no evidence for any widespread attempts to avoid military service. (Politics of Warfare.)” These soldiers knew how to act when at war but when they went home they would act like normal people and not like they were in war. You have to use...

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