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Class Size Reduction In Schools Of The United States

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In recent years, the topic of class size reduction has come to light in the United States. "There is little doubt that reducing class size can boost student achievement in some circumstances," Matthew Chingos of the Brookings Institution Brown Center says. Class size reduction is becoming more and more demanded to help meet the needs of todays society and education. According to the Center For Public Education, 'student achievement in grades K-3 increased when the class size dropped'. Class size reduction has been debated about for years in the US and is now being extensively studied. Class size reduction continues to have positive affects on school districts and is now more commonly ...view middle of the document...

(Classroom Size and Impact..). When a student has more attention focused on them, they will be less likely to act out and behave badly. In 2008, a study was done by Zahorik and a few of his colleagues, and they found that in smaller classes, the discipline was actually worried about less than in bigger classes, thus proving that students have better behavior in smaller classes because of the student and teacher ratio and the desire to be less distracting. Students with learning or behavioral disabilities also will get the chance to have more individualized plans and more one on one teacher time.

Reduced class sizes can show better behavior in students and earlier improvement of grades.In smaller classes, teachers have a better chance to get to know the student more, so there are less chances that the student will feel like need to act and lash out. Since the teacher and pupil will get to know each other better, the teacher can take the time to discover what areas the student needs help in and can make more of an effort to help the student fix those needs in a smaller, less crowded environment. (Rios, Robert J).According to a survey done by Mitchell and Mitchell in 1999, students in grades K-3 that were placed in smaller classes scored better on achievement tests in reading and mathematics than students in large classes did. Having smaller classes in kindergarten through third grade creates the most academic improvement in students. Reading and Mathematics are the subjects that the most information is retained in that sticks with students in older years. Also, students of minority groups tend to work better in smaller class sizes as well. Teachers have more opportunities to try out different methods of teaching with

smaller class sizes, so the information may stick better for his/her students. Not only do small class sizes improve grades of elementary students, but high school as well. In one study done in 1999, high school math teachers were shown to have more contact and interaction with small groups as well as individual students more often than teachers who taught large classes. (Class Size and Student Achievement). The STAR Experiment had excellent results for minority children, and proved to people that class size reduction is, in fact, important. (The Class Size...

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