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Class Sizes Are Too Big Essay

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Although everyone would agree that today’s children are the country’s future and education is an investment, the education industry has been short on funds for years. One would assume it would be the government’s top priority, but it is not. Along with stagnant teachers’ salaries and teachers’ furloughs one of the unfortunate outcomes of budget cuts isare larger class sizes. as a result the class should be smaller. When there class sizes that are too big a person has problems that effect students and the teachers and both the student and teacherhave problems. Class sizes may have an effect on Student’s’ success. Large c Class sizes are not fair to students for many reasons. because students and teachers’ come across problems when there are more students than classrooms. In a smaller class teachers’ would be able to do more hands on activities.
If class sizes where smaller, teachers would be able to do more hands on activities and there would be less chance for distractions. Even through, teachers would be able to do more hands on activities and there would be less chance for distraction. Teachers could do more hands-on activities in a science class likesuch as experiments in class instead of homework outside of class. In smaller class sizes there would be less chance for distractions, more time to review for a big test, there would be more interaction with the teacher.. “In elementary schools, class sizes generally hovered around 20 in 2008, rising to 25 to 30 in many cases this year.” (Giuliani, 1)There would be more time to review for a big test in a smaller class. There would be more interaction with the teacher in a smaller class size. According to Scott Thill “The proposal by billionaire Bill Gates to increase class size in America’s schools in order to increase achievement levels files in the face of research and common sense.” Although True, The odd part about Bill Gates wanting to increase class sizes is that he sent his children to private school where class sizes where small.: too big, not enough teacher: student ratio, classrooms are not big enough.
Granted, in larger classes, Many people believe today’s class sizes are too big. Sstudents mayare not be able to connect with the teacher. Many students believe they may be just a number to the teacher. In order to be a name to the teacher the student needs to get to know the teacher such as coming in during the teacher’sheir office hours, emailing the teacher when a student has questions regarding a homework assignment. Many students may not be able to connect with the teacher, and to share some interesting personal stories they may have from the weekend before class starts. Some students will tell stories about their weekend to teacher while they are getting ready for the next class, or standing out in the hallway monitoring the hallway between class changes. However, smaller class sizes allow all when students are able to share stories they and feel more invested in...

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