School Start Time Should Be Later

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What would mornings be like if school started later in the morning? Every morning I feel like I am racing against the clock because of the little amount of time that I have to attend athletic practices, make my bed, get dressed, and eat breakfast. Also, other students talk about how they did not have time to get a proper good night’s sleep because of the early school starting time. Therefore, having more time in the morning would help many students achieve their necessities. School should begin later in the morning so that students can have more time to be better prepared to hit the books.
First of all, school starting later in the morning will give students the time to eat breakfast. There are very few days during the school year where I get the opportunity to eat breakfast, and when I do, I notice, myself, to be more attentive while in class. However, when I am not able to eat breakfast, my ability to function in class is inferior, or not very good, because of the thoughts “hurry up lunch time” and “wish I had time to eat this morning.” This leads me to be less intent while in class. Moreover, many students say they do not eat breakfast due to the lack of time. In a research report by Breakfast First, an organization that promotes the necessities of students having breakfast, states that one out of every five students does not get to eat breakfast, and that eating breakfast can help students stay strong-minded and conscious during class. Also stating, eating breakfast helps students from having constant thoughts of when lunch time is or from having rumbling stomachs. This research shows how important breakfast is for student’s cognitive abilities, which springs a reason to why schools should begin later in the morning.
Although, some might say that students do not need time to eat breakfast and propose that they can grab something on the go. Students could grab something quick like a granola bar or a pop tart, but on the go foods are usually jam-packed with sugar, which translates to the student receiving a sugar crash. School beginning later in the morning will give students the time for a complete breakfast to be able to function well.
Next, school should start later in the morning so that students can have more quality sleep to be better prepared for school. Dr. Kyla Wahlstrom, director at the University of Minnesota's Center for Applied Research, states that students are better able to learn at school when well rested (Elliott). One of the purposes of school is for students to learn and prosper to become diligent human beings in the future. When I wake up in the morning my mind does not seem to want to turn on to prepare for the day because of the few hours of sleep that I got. The estimated amount of sleep that is recommended for students is between eight and a half to nine and a half hours. To manage the required amount of sleep, students must go to bed early. Perhaps, students could go to sleep early but research shows that their...

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