Lessons Learned At University Of Phoenix

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If I had to do it all over again, I would have done it sooner. I've learned and gained so much with my experiences while attending the University of Phoenix. There are a lot of positive and a few negative things that I have gained and valued through out my two and a half years working on my BS in Information Technology.My positive aspects that I have encountered was meeting and networking with different people in my field. You never know when you're going to cross paths with these people again and they may even be a manager at a company one day. Networking is very essential and it gets you out of that social box and lets you look on what's out there. So that was one of the positive things that came out of UOP.Another good thing is that this learning experience has taught me to re-apply myself to study again. Note I had not been in any type of college in over three to five years before I started at University of Phoenix. UOP teaches us as learning adults the basic fundamentals in the beginning of the core classes to reacquaint and get comfortable in a college environment. Having us re-apply ourselves to what a lot of us had lost in so many years and even decades.What I did like and it fit into my day to day schedule was that UOP was only one night a week. And meeting with our study groups was a must, depending on how difficult the team assignment was. We had plenty of options on when, where, and what time the meeting was going to be. The negative aspects of this were trying to find out when everyone would be available and if it would fit into their busy schedules. For some students, the group study was not all that great for them. It was either they did not like to meet, or they just had too many excuses never to make a group meet.When I first started with UOP, I felt that I had a very solid group in the beginning. We all had different skills and personalities that made a very well formed team. Each of us had a different background and special contributions that made our team unique. We were all able to make meetings and everyone had an even say in all group projects. The downside to this was it did not last very long. I'd say maybe two or three courses into the core; we had lost two of our group members. One was because of an opportunity that had come up on the other side of the world, and the other was to a personal family matter out of the US.I managed to stick with the other two members for quite awhile, until one of them as well had to do some quite extensive traveling with their new position. So this left us to break apart for a little while and join other groups. In the beginning of the group reorganization, I really felt like it was not going to work out. I guess you can say that if you had been with a group through out more than half the time you had been a student at UOP, it would be hard to reacquaint yourself with a new group. I was wrong; this is where I actually learned about getting out of the box, actually networking with new...

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