Lessons That Spencer Morgan Learned From The War: Reader Response From "Soldier Boys" By Dean Hughes. Describes 2 Lessons Spencer Learned From Ww2

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Reader Response: Spencer's lessons in the War from "Soldier Boys" by Dean HughesMany of the men who enlisted in World War Two were not actual men, but merely boys, wanting to be heroic and do something to support their country. One of these boys, Spencer Morgan, was only seventeen when he enlisted. He, like many others, wanted to prove himself, to be a hero, even if he was known only in his little hometown of Brigham City, Utah. Spencer soon became a part of the 17th Airborne Infantry Division, and he was shipped off to Europe to join in on the fight against the Axis Powers. His unit soon joined in on the fierce battles, and sadly, Spencer was killed during a battle at Bastogne, Belgium. Throughout the war, Spencer learned two valuable and very precious life lessons. One of these lessons showed Spencer the meaninglessness of war.Before Spencer's unit was submerged in the front line fighting, Spencer, along with the rest of the 17th Airborne Infantry Division, was eager and ready to go fight. They were all anxious, and they all wanted to prove to themselves, that they could hold their ground and fight the Germans. However, Spencer quickly changed his mind about war once the fighting had commenced. After seeing innocent men shoot each other and after seeing soldiers as young as himself moan on the ground in pain, Spencer realized the most important lesson of war. Finally, Spencer saw that war was not heroic or brave; it was mindless killing of the other side. It no longer mattered how old you were, where you were from, or even if you had a family back home waiting for you. War was death. By the time Spencer realized that he probably would not ever return to Brigham City and have a family, the time had passed when he could have backed out. Although Spencer's experiences led him to the conclusion...

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