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Tanya Nieves January 9, 2012Eng 102 Xiaoping YenLessons to be learnedIn life people learn valuable lessons through fables, novels and even short stories. Literature teaches life lessons about living, society and or human nature giving them the message to share with others. Guy De Maupassant a famous French writer and author of the short story "The Necklace" introduces his readers with one main character name Mathilde Loisel who learns life lessons throughout the story. Maupassant delivers many morals one can learn from, the significance of gratefulness and honesty.Being grateful is one lesson that was taught in the story. Madame Loisel was very conscious about herself and her rank in class. "He threw over her shoulders…modest everyday clothes, whose poverty clashed with beauty of the ball dress. She was conscious of this and was anxious to hurry away, so that she should not be noticed by the other women putting their costly furs" (Maupassant). She didn't want to be seen as a lower class woman. Yet being so insecure of herself she rushed home making herself lose a necklace she borrowed for that evening from a good friend. A necklace changed her fantasy and awoken her to a hard working woman. Monsieur Loisel gave his wife Madame Loisel suggestions when attending the ball. Had she listened to her husband the way he saw his wife every day, she would have realized how beautiful she was inside and out instead of being someone she portrayed to be. Appearance doesn't matter, what makes a person is being their true inner self. The necklace symbolizes being true to one's self. Madame played the role of a person who was wealthy, a person that wasn't her. Little did she know the necklace she borrowed was just an imitation for real jewels just the way she imitated the upper class.In the story "The necklace"...

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1060 words - 4 pages of these lessons learned in Vietnam will continue to be the legacy of Vietnam. One problem that arises in the article is Crowell trying to compare two dissimilar conflicts. Vietnam was a conflict that did not directly involve the United States. Desert Storm did involve the United States by jeopardizing our oil supply from the Middle East. The military was also prepared and ready to fight during Desert Storm where as in Vietnam the draft

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