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The art of Theatre is filled with different ways to reach all types of audiences. For instance in Ancient Rome, Dumbshows were used so poor dumb citizens, or “groundlings” would understand the play. Instead of dialogue, a dumbshow uses pantomime style or over exaggerated movements to tell a story. Although dumbshow has a slight negative connotation because it assumed the people sitting in the front were stupid. They assumed these citizens were incapable of understanding a play without these actions. However, creating a dumbshow was very entertaining and allowed us to learn things about our fellow students.
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Even after reading it a second time, I did not feel confident in my ideas of the play nor my knowledge of the progression of incidents. I had an idea of what had transpired in the play; I had several thoughts on the message of the play, but little concrete knowledge. The dumbshow changed all of this, I feel very confident in what knowledge I possess about this play. I know for a fact that Hamlet and Polonius did not get along, as seen in several scenes of the dumbshow. I am very confident that I could reiterate all of the progression of incidents of Hamlet, after participating in and observing the dumbshow. Performing Act IV, scene 4 only reinforced my thoughts about Fortinbras being essential to the storyline. While directing all of Act IV forced me to look deep into each character’s disposition. To portray the king’s interaction with Laertes, I had to look the king’s characteristics. The king is very arrogant and manipulative; he will do whatever it takes to come out on top. I feel I have a more intimate knowledge of who each character is and what they represent.
This exercise not only helped me gain a better understanding of Hamlet, but also of my fellow students and myself. I learned that some people will always assume because it is a male role, it should be portrayed by a male....

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