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Classic Airlines And Marketing Essay

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Classic Airlines and MarketingMarketingMKT/571November 1, 2010Classic Airlines and MarketingThis paper is about Classic Airlines (CA) and marketing. There will be a discussion on the products or services that CA is marketing. Also a discussion on the marketing challenges that CA faces. Another discussion on the current corporate culture of CA will be seen. Some of the marketing concepts in this week reading will be discussed in this paper.Classic AirlinesCA is fifth in rank of the world's largest airline industry. The company has more than 2,000 daily flights. Over 200 cities are served through this airline and it maintains over 300 jets. This industry has grown tremendously. CA employs over 30,000. Last year alone CA earned several million dollars (University of Phoenix, 2010).Cost and flight marketing is what CA pays attention to.CA is taking the time to market the capabilities of their customer service (University of Phoenix, 2010). When it comes to marketing the needs of people through products and services are dealt with (Kotler and Keller, 2006).Production ConceptCA looks into their leisure and business travelers. The organization has a small percentage of leisure travelers, 20%. The organization has a high percentage of business travelers, 80%. CA's business travelers are more concerned about the quality of the flight rather than the cost of it. Their leisure travelers are the exact opposite (University of Phoenix, 2010). According to Kotler and Keller, the production concept accepts that the customers will willingly purchase a product or service that is available at a reasonable price (Kotler and Keller, 2006). The production concept is seen in this scenario.Product ConceptCA needs to create a new strategy that would work...

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Classic Airlines Essay

879 words - 4 pages Classic Airlines pg PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Classic AirlinesUniversity of PhoenixClass Marketing 571Group MKT/571MBA10August 10, 2010Work Shop OneClassic AirlinesThis paper is to address the marketing challenges that Classic Airlines is facing. I will begin with a background of the company and the situation they have found themselves in. I will then discuss the issues and opportunities faced by Classic Airline and finish with a conclusion.Classic

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1594 words - 6 pages implemented a pricing strategy that put the company in direct competition with younger airlines, which do not have the same cost structure as Classic, resulting in an advantage for the competition. The ability of Classic to accurately predict changing market and consumer trends will enable the carrier to augment marketing campaigns, adjust budgets, and reallocate resources to take advantage of prevailing trends or conduct informational and

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1352 words - 5 pages aspect of business, the customer. The main issue is that Classic must use the CRM system to better understand the customers needs/wants. Then Classic will enter into a new marketing campaign to win back the customers lose to Classic competitors.Describe the "End-State" VisionWithin five years from now, Classic Airlines will be number one in the airline industry. By establishing and develop a customer database in the CRM system, will allow

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1463 words - 6 pages philosophy of Classic must be aligned with the data collected. Classic Airlines' has many issues to address. Resolution of the airline's issues will allow the airline to understand its customer base and develop marketing strategies to retain its customers, increase employee morale, and increase the company's profitability.Describe the SituationIssue and Opportunity IdentificationClassic Airlines is faced with declining stock prices resulting from

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1693 words - 7 pages executives seem to be unsure about trusting marketing to pay off on the dollars they use to grow the business. One of the first opportunities facing Classic Airlines is the using of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to gather data about the customer rewards program. With this information, the company can see what is needed and what they have to do to bring the customers back. This project holds the full support of the Chief Marketing Officer

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7566 words - 30 pages allow employees to isolate areas within their department to identify solutions and take action to ultimately make the department run leaner and or efficiently which will translate into cost savings (PAML, 2007).Another alternative is to enter into an alliance agreement with Skyway Airlines or another industry partner. In doing so, Classic Airlines has an opportunity to reduce costs due to shared bookings and marketing operations and will also

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3258 words - 13 pages Customer ServiceCompanies like Classic Airlines need to position themselves for long-term success. They can accomplish this by understanding and connecting with their customers. Good customer relationships help organizations find new clients, foster customer loyalty, and increase lifetime customer value. The companies and organizations that have been chosen will assist Classic Airlines at bringing the organization back on-line with their

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6431 words - 26 pages the success of its restructured frequent flyer program and its marketing strategies.The following problem analysis paper begins with an examination of the current state of Classic Airlines. Issues, opportunities, and conflicts between stakeholder groups are then identified and discussed. After this information is analyzed, a problem statement is created and the desired end-state vision is defined for Classic. A summary of benchmarking research

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2120 words - 8 pages satisfying each customer group. This process is known as market segmentation.Through segmentation, United Airlines can identify market opportunities and meet it's marketing objective.Segmentation gives an airline a better understanding of its customers, the services they require, where and when they want those services and how they would prefer to pay for them.United Airlines segments its market so that it can:* identify consumer needs and the

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2289 words - 9 pages ticketing website, and it quick and smooth check-in procedures.All CEOs have resisted the temptations to expand too quickly into its current market and into international and transcontinental markets. This has allowed Southwest Airlines to concentrate and maximize their strategic position and marketing plan and steadily grow into a region consisting of fifty-eight cities.Management made a risky decision in eliminating the "frills" in airline travel

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1211 words - 5 pages . Differences between various sports in marketing methods are pointed out. 9p. 17f. 9b. 10245 AMERICAN AIRLINES -- GLOBAL MARKETING. A marketing program for American Airlines growing international operations. Includes a comprehensive industry and market analysis, including a step-by-step investigation of American's current competitive position vis-a-vis both domestic (Delta and United) and foreign (British Airways, SAS, Lufthansa, etc.) competitors

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Classic Airlines And Marketing Essay

862 words - 3 pages needed and what they have to do to bring the customers back. This project holds the full support of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), but has other nervous. Many have not seen how the CRM process can benefit the marketing department.GoalsThe goals are to have Classic airlines focus on achieving a customer solution which would lure the customers back to the airline, achieve a total cost reduction of 15% over the next year and half and management

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3085 words - 12 pages , like many other airlines; Classic faces many challenges because of growing consumer concerns about flying and market changes. Classic Airlines knows changes are required for the company; however, the management team must identify the current marketing problems plaguing the organization and determine options for solving these problems. This paper will help Classic Airlines by using the nine-step problem-solving model to identify issues and

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2254 words - 9 pages The airline industry is facing a challenging period with the increase of fuel and labor costs. Classic Airlines is planning to keep costs down by boosting consumer and confidence and satisfaction. By accomplishing this goal there will be a better understanding of customer feedback in addition to forecasting and marketing long term plans. Cost effectiveness is ways for customers differentiate other images from that of Classic Airlines while

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3346 words - 13 pages to help with cost control, would illustrate Labor force commitment to Classic's cause. This marketing effort should be a cooperative effort with the executives of Classic and be immediately followed by a long overdue press release by the Board of Directors, on the current sate of the Airline in an effort to thwart rumors that Classic will file bankruptcy if effective cost control measures are not successfully implemented (Classic Airlines, 2007