Classic Parenting Styles Essay

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Research on the web three classic parenting patterns (authoritarian, authoritative, permissive). Summarize the main points of each perspective and name the sites visited.Developmental Psychologists have been interested in the different ways parents raise their children since at least the 1920s.During my research I found that most psychologists today distinguish four different parenting styles. Categorizing them by whether they are high or low in parental demandingness and responsiveness.Permissive parents (indulgent or nondirective parents) are more responsive than demanding. They make few demands for responsibilities and mature behavior. The child has the possibility to outlive its wishes as well as it regulates it's own activities as much as possible. The parents do not control the child and do not encourage it to live up to norms and standards.Authoritarian parents are more demanding than responsive. They try to shape and control the behavior of the child to a set of standards by making rules and having them followed. The parents value obedience, respect for authorities, respect for work and preservation of order and traditions. They believe a child should accept what the parents feel is right which can collide with the child's own beliefs.Authoritative parents are controlling and responsive. The child seems to be an equal part of the family. The parents hold firm control but recognize the child's individual interests and special ways. They discuss with their child their thoughts and emotions and their own reasoning. If necessary they set standards for the future. The authoritative parents do not base their decision on group consensus but respect the child's desires and do not think they are infallible. They give love and respect to their child.Uninvolved...

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