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Classical Ancient Greece Essay

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The expanse of time that the term “Ancient Greece” defines is all the way from around 7,250 BCE when the first evidence of burial sites were discovered in Argolid, Greece, during the Mesolithic Period, to around the year 30 BCE when Cleopatra died in Alexandra, Egypt (1). That is the better part of 7,200 years. Trying to fit all of that information into five to seven pages would be nearly impossible. That is why I will be focusing on the Classical Era of Greece which spans from about 500 BCE to around 320 BCE. During this time in Greece there were many conflicts and wars, but there was also much growth in the cultural aspects of their society.

Imagine walking down the market in Athens. On the left market stalls carrying all types of dried herbs. There is a stall full of different shapes and styles of bread, all made from barley. Down from it, there sits a stall with wheels, blocks, and wedges of freshly-made goat cheeses. Being a peninsula with access to many areas to fish, there are stalls filled with fish--dried, fresh, and preserved. In stalls lining the left, were products made from grape. Grapes hang in the thousands like curtains hiding the gallons of fine wine. All these food were grow or gathered and sold locally by farmers and merchants. In Greece people ate many of these foods. The average Greek diet consisted of bread (only made of wheat if you were better off), cheese, fruits and vegetables. They didn’t focus on meats as much, but when they would consumed fish regularly. For drink, most beverages were either wine or some other form of alcohol, but if you were poor you could only afford water sweetened with honey (3).

During this time, women in higher class families were kept under lock and key. They mainly remained around the home, and were rarely allowed to be in contact with men except for their husbands. Most times they had the responsibilities of taking care of, more like telling to slaves what to take care of, the house and manage the family finances. However, for women in poorer families that is not the case. They had to work along side the husband and most time kids out in the fields. They would normally work their, depending on income, from morning until night (3). Then, she would come back to the house and take care of it. Greek homes were really not that fancy. The walls were made with mud brick that were covered in plaster and topped with pottery tiles to make a roof. The windows were not covered so they were pretty much open holes. Poor families had normally one or two rooms while rich families had multi-roomed and multi-story house. Even though the two classes of people were separated by vast wealth they all had very basic and simple wooden furniture. (3)

Even though you can’t believe everything you see in movies, you can pretty much trust them to accurately depict the Greek clothing. All but the very rich wore garments made of wool or linen; the very rich had their clothing made from more expensive things like...

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