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'classical Objection To Utilitarianism Is That It Makes Insufficient Provision For Considerations Of Rights And Justice'. Discuss This Quotation I

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Many objections have been made in contradiction to utilitarianism due to the theory having little concern for the rights and justice of individuals. Under utilitarianism philosophy as long as an act maximizes the “utility” (well-being) of the many it is viewed as the moral thing to do, however theories have risen which question utilitarianism due to the lack of concern for individuals within the outcome of acts. Good consequences for the maxim are the main concern for utilitarian’s, yet if one individual suffers from an act but five do not, then is that act deemed morally acceptable since the maxim of people are happy? In this essay I will be answering this question by giving a detailed ...view middle of the document...

Although an act which generates the most amount of pleasure is deemed as the most admirable act in the eyes of utilitarian’s, pleasure is subjective, meaning it is difficult to measure and define. Although Utilitarianism thought focuses on the maxim of people who are happy and deems an act which produces this outcome an honourable act the theory takes in no consideration of morality for individuals.
Firstly, Immanuel Kant rejected utilitarianism because all human being have a certain dignity that demands respect and are being who are capable of acting and choosing freely. Much like Utilitarianism Kant acknowledges humans are capable of reason however unlike utilitarianism he recognises humans are free and believes humans should act autonomously and to the laws that every human gives themselves. Utilitarian’s do not abide by these laws, instead they act in inclination due to the fulfilment of desires and the want for the maxim of good. Kant’s theory of the supreme principle of morality is one of the main objections to justice within utilitarianism, doing an act...

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