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Classical To Descriptive Essay

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In chapter twelve of the textbook titled The Moral of the Story we are faced with theories of feminism that we encounter on an everyday basis. The issue on feminism is one that has been fought for by both men and woman for many years and yet still seems to be an ongoing battle to achieve full gender equality. I personally feel that gender equality is important in this world because I for myself have met women in my life who I not only look up to but who have also inspired me to keep moving forward in my journey of life. In this paper I will describe all four feministic theories as well as to why I support feminism as a whole. I will also compare the similarities as well as differences of ...view middle of the document...

Beauvoir proceeds to list the general feelings a woman tends to feel throughout her lifetime and she believes these feelings are brought on by the lack of opportunity as well as education. These feelings would include boredom, powerlessness and also compassion (Rosenstand, 628). Changing our culture will greatly impact the female nature as we now know it and ultimately mold each individual, both male and female to become self sufficient, responsible human beings. Psychologists in the early 1960s believed that a person’s gender was determined solely on nurture. If a person showed signs of feminism then that was believed to be a factor of nurture regardless of the genitalia (Rosenstand, 630). I believe this to be partially true because nature has a huge role on gender identification as well as nurture. Biologically men are equipped with more testosterone than woman which make men more aggressive, where woman have abundant amounts of estrogen which would make them less aggressive than man.
In addition, difference feminism is the theory that states that men and woman possess different qualities and that both genders should learn from one another rather than just assuming there traditional gender roles (Rosenstand, 625). This theory was brought about in the 1980s and assumed that both genders should be viewed as equal but also fundamentally different (Rosenstand, 630). This would indicate that woman and men would both work for equal pay as well as equal opportunity however both men and woman would have different viewpoints as well as wants in their lives. Carol Gilligan, a psychologist explains her theory; she lists the difference in male virtues compared to those of the female virtues. A female tends to think in terms of generosity, caring for one another and also maintaining close relationships with friends and family, where a man tends to focus on justice, rights and opportunities, competitiveness and independence. These two different gender virtues are labeled as ethics of justice (which would apply to men) and ethics of care (which would apply to women (Rosenstand, 634). It was John Stuart Mill who was considered to be the first influential philosopher to contribute to equality for both men and women. Mill suggested that even though men and woman think differently in terms of wants and viewpoints, the two should not be denied equal opportunity as well as an equal amount of respect (Rosenstand, 633). Rosenstand states “Difference feminism wants to replace the image of one of the genders being more normal than the other with an image of both genders, with all there unique characteristics, being equally representative of the human race”. This statement implies that woman have long been judged by the principles of man therefor women tend to feel inferior to man because of this and until this problem changes, then women will forever feel inferior to man
Radical Feminism is the theory that states that women are typically “male bashers” but most...

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