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Classification Essay

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“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.”-Ed Viesturs. Climbing mountains is one thing, but climbing Mount Everest is something entirely different. In order to get up the mountain safely, most people let guides show them the way. Rob Hall, Scott Fischer, and Mike Groom are three guides that led expeditions up Mount Everest. All three of these mountaineers were well known. They were all similar but different in their own ways.
Rob Hall was a New Zealand mountaineer, born in 1961 and died of hypothermia in May 1996 on Mount Everest. Hall was best known for being head guide of a 1996 Mount Everest expedition. Before he passed he completed five summits of Everest. Gary Ball was his climbing partner, together they sought corporate sponsorships to fund expeditions. They climbed the seven summits in seven months. They quit professional climbing and formed a high-altitude climbing business called Adventure Consultants. The business was incorporated in 1992, and it quickly became a premier expedition guiding company. In October 1993, Ball died of cerebral edema, leaving Hall to run Adventure Consultants on his own. By 1996, Hall successfully guided thirty-nine climbers up to the top of Everest. It cost $65,000 to get into one of Hall’s expeditions, more expensive than most other guides. Hall’s reputation for reliability and safety attracted clients.
Scott Fischer was a American mountaineer, born in 1955 and died of exposure in May 1996 on Mount Everest. Until a certain point in Fischer’s career he had received only local recognition. That prompted him to launch Mountain Madness. Fischer earned only twelve thousand dollars in 1995, so with the help of his business partner, Karen Dickinson, they decided that if he could emulate Hall, it could quickly catapult Mountain Madness to profitability. Fischer is...

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