Classification And Prison Security Levels Essay

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What is classification? According to page 160 chapter three classification is the process of dividing an inmate population into manageable groups for custody and treatment purpose. There are different types of classification. The different typed are external classification, internal classification, classification process, initial classification and reclassification.
Classification can be based on psychology, education vocational, health and other needs. It can be determined by prison site, housing assignment, working assignments and availably of treatment programs. Classification has its advantages. On page 160 chapter three it states that classification has dangerous and aggressive inmate that are placed on a high security level. Misclassification avoids most inmates. A staff member can classify a prisoner to higher custody if it is necessary.
External classification is when they divide inmates into groups to be assigned to various prison facilities. External classification risk determines if the prisoners can leave as a temporary release or temporary removal. It also determines if the prisoner can get employment outside the prison with supervising and working parties. It assist with parole board. Prisoners are required to activities prior to their release from prison or their next hearing.
Internal classification is the process of assigning inmates to types of programs and work and locations. The risk of internal classification determines the prisoner’s security level. If they will have access to programs such as rehabilitation and special treatment units. Suitability for various types of service like education based on the prison that they are in.
Classification process on page states “that the process by which offenders are assigned to types of custody and treatment programs based on factors as offense category, escape potential, substance abuse pattern, previous experience with the criminal justice system.” Each prisoners has visions of counseling, education and rehabilitation programs. Each person is assigned according to their issue that they may have.
Initial Classification on page 207 says that it determines the institutions to which an inmate will be assigned. It determines whether the prisoner gets removed from maximum security and go to...

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