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ENG4UAkeem Corion01/03/2014Mr.MonteithClassification EssayThe poem of "Dover Beach" was made by a man name Matthew Arnold. This poem that Arnold wrote down was referring to is his life experiences in England during the "Industrial Revolution". A time where humanity had witness an evolution to their life cycle when humans started to build machines that would make their lives easier. Although this brought out a great achievement to the world. Arnold explains how this also brought out a lot of ignorance, violence, corruption and selfishness to humanity since the "Industrial Revolution" was known as dark time for England since poverty and violence was increased during that time. However, the main theme of his poem is how humanity has lost their faith in religion, thus causing a lot of violence, corruption and greed to a raise in this world. Arnold expresses his feeling in the poem about how world before it was plague by violence and selfishness, it was once filled with paradise, but now the world that he is living in, is full of suffering because the people have lost their faith in religion. For the lack of faith on religion or faith itself like believing in a cause or having high self-esteem. Has most people today feeling lesser towards themselves, or to others and to society. Now to find out if there are other poems, songs or films that can relate to this theme. Therefore, analyzing three topics that can relate to the theme of lack of faith should be successful. The first topic is call "The world is too much with us" a poem created by William Wordsworth, another one is a song call "Judith" by a perfect Circle and last one is a movie call "The Dark Knight" directed by Christopher Nolan.The first topic is about poem called "World is Too Much with us", where the author Wordsworth explains how humans and their new religion like Christianity had them turn into selfish and obsess people that rather worship material things and technology than nature. However, this poem from Wordsworth relates to the theme for "Dover Beach" because it shares the similarities when talking about having lack of faith. For another explains of Wordsworth said in his poem that "It moves us not Great God! I rather be a pagan suckled in a creed outworn" (Wordsworth). Wordsworth describes how the new modern religion is a false religion and has made human made into selfish and greedy people, thus making Wordsworth resent this new religion and rather go back to the old pagan religion like Greek mythology. Since that religion had shown more faith, and respect to nature. Therefore, this poem related to the theme of "Dover Beach", but they both have different scenario. The reason is because the poem of "World is too Much with Us" is a poem that talk about how humans replace pagan religion with false religion that spreads the ideal of how technology and material things, is the only thing that is the way of life not nature or kindness to others. Now for Dover Beach this poem how shows...

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