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In our life we come across many people, and of them we like some and dislike some. People we like, we consider them as friends and people we do not like, we consider them as foes. defines friend as "A person whom one knows, likes and trusts." We can categorize friends based on the intensity of our friendship. There are three kinds of friends: Acquaintances whom we meet and see only at school, guest friends, friends whom we loose as we grow, and best friends who are there for us no matter what kind of situation we are in.Firstly, they are the acquaintances we see and meet only in school. We might have known them for ten years straight but the most we must have spoken to them about is their name and what classes they are taking. These school acquaintances are nice people to talk to, but there is never an effort to do anything more than that. If we happen to see them out of school we act like we don't even know them. At most we will throw a smile at each other. We would never have a problem with parting company with them.You normally don't miss them when they are elsewhere. It is also this type of friends who give you the most amount of aggravation. Since most of the time you are placed in a position where you have to act friendly, such as school or work, you would not normally tell an acquaintance when he or she is doing something aggravating, such as tapping the fingers an a table or chewing gum loudly.Second comes to the friends that we've known and will know once upon a time, who will bring back memories that people think are forgotten. When we are around...

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