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“Kids eat free on Sunday right?!” “Can I substitute this juice for a Bloody Mary?” “Can I taste that first?” “Oh!? I’m sorry we haven’t even looked at the menu yet. We’ll just be a bit . . . (45 minutes later) . . . ok, were ready.” “Yeah, were ready. Let me have . . . uh . . . oh where was it? Here! Wait no. Where did it go? I can’t find it. You know it has the thing with the thing on it . . .” “Can we get some more of your FREE bread!” These quotes, among a plethora of others, are common occurrences with the serving field. Sometimes even the smallest actions can show one’s personality in a big way. With hundreds of people dining out every single day it becomes easier to allocate them into many different classifications based on their personal tipping fashion; classes such as the ‘Percent Tippers’, the ‘Performance Review Tippers’, the ‘I’m a Server Too Tippers’, the ‘Non-Monetary Tippers’, the ‘Special Occasion Tippers’, and the much desired ‘Whale Tippers’.
THE PERCENT TIPPERS. The straight shooter. The safety net. The always stable, rain or shine, member of the tipping community. The Percent Tipper bases a server’s entire gratuity on a set percentage of the total cost of that particular meal. This percent varies from person to person, but is generally within a ten to twenty percent range with almost no regard for actual service quality. This allows for some stability, as far as wages earned, for a server. Even if the server forgot the salad before the meal, if the beverage ran dry or if the server is just having an ‘off’ day, they will usually not walk away empty handed. On the other hand a ticket must reach a significant dollar amount to provide a decent reward which requires a server to charge for everything and to upsell as much as possible.
THE PERFORMANCE REVIEWERS. The mother-in-law of customers. The nit pickers. The attitude ‘they are working for me’ is deep-seated with this customer. Standard comments are “Is my food supposed to look like that?” or “Don’t we get free bread?” Performance reviewers can be very high maintenance, but if given endless attention and infinite witty banter, can tip surprisingly well. ( So if asked for ranch, only to have a request for extra straws as soon as the ranch is set down on table, and to have yet another request for a bowl of lemons as soon as the straws are set down, simply say, “I’ll be right back with that.” ) On the downside, if disgruntled, by either forgetting said ranch or taking too long to bring it to table, tips can be dearth. They feel they can justify giving a small tip because of the “lack of service”. The songbird of customers, voicing their opinion is what they do best. This is the cluster that is voted most likely to complain or compliment to management.
THE I’M A SERVER TOO TIPPERS. Always understanding. Always able to relate. Always generous. Fellow servers almost tend to be dying to relate to other servers. Due to their inside knowledge...

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