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Classify Shoppers In 3 Types. Essay

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Victor Harkins

Dr. Hitchcock

English 101

21 October 2009

Rough Draft: Classification

Shoppers Gone Wild

Everyone has a tendency to like shopping when it has to do with something they want. Shopping has given me a chance to observe the way others behave. While observing, I have noticed that many people tend to behave differently. The average shopper can be classified into one of three basic categories: Billy Bunch, Silly Super, and Dilly Dawdler.

The first type of shopper I observed is Billy Bunch. Billy will come in a store and buy everything. Billy has no respect for the other customers. It doesn't matter if there are only a few items left of one product, Billy will still buy them. Billy bunch has no budget and buys things for friends and family, even when they don't need it. He purchases items just so he will have the knowledge that he once owned it. Billy doesn't know when things are on sale, he just sees what he wants and he gets it! Usually Billy does not have kids, because he is selfish and wants everything for himself. Billy will often pay for his things with his bank card. Billy shops whenever he wants to!

Another type of shopper is Silly Super. Silly is the type of shopper who comes in the store with her sale papers and coupons, and already knows what she is going to buy. She has respect for the other customers in the store and understands that it is good to share. Although Silly likes to share, she does not like to purchase items for anyone but her family. She would like to but it's not...

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