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Classism And Social Determinism In One’s Character

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Almost everyone, young or old, is aware of the so-called “triangle of society”. It is used as a symbol to show the division of the society into different classes. A Class is a relative social rank in terms of income, wealth, education, position, or power.1 It is also called “social class.” Nowadays, the presence of social classes is very evident. People are now experiencing the partition of society into three main groups, which composes the “triangle”. The upper class is composed of rich people. They were granted by God with great opportunity to live comfortable lives. On the other hand, the lower class consists of the poor and underprivileged ones. They are also called the working class or masses. It represents the bottom part of the triangle also because most of the citizens belong to this class. The class found in the middle of the social scheme is the middle class.
These social classes continuously expand which causes the existence of the social ladder to be very apparent. This ladder shows the hierarchical arrangement of people in society. The establishment of the social ladder divides the nation into the powerful and of course, the powerless. It also forms the concept of superiority and inferiority between relationships. Everyone at the top of the ladder is mostly dominant with respect to class. They get considerable benefits and privileges. In contrast, those at the bottom end are subordinates and have limited access to resources and opportunities. With the classes and social ladder present in society, there is no equality among citizens.
The social ladder affected not only the nation’s sense of equality, but also the individual characteristics of a person. Social status can affect a person’s total being since it has the power to mold his character and disposition. One’s beliefs can also be based on the class where he belongs. It is so influential that it can control one’s way of thinking. Moreover, it can also be the...

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