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People go to college for many different reasons; some go because they want to further their education in order to pursue a desired career, some go because they feel it is what is expected of them, and others go because they feel they have no other choice. No matter the reason, there always seems to be a problem in the classroom; the teacher will be lecturing while only a few students are responding. "In Nunn's (1996) observational study of participation in college classrooms, on average less than 6 percent of class time involved student interaction. That's three minutes of student talk per 50 minutes of class time." (Tomorrows Professor, 2006) There are numerous causes to this problem; students simply don’t want to pay attention, have a lack of sleep, are shy or care too much of what their peers will think of them, afraid of answering wrong, and many more reasons. Regardless the reason, a student’s lack of participation can be hurting them more then they realize and there are several different ways of fixing this problem.
In the modern day college class room size there can be anywhere from 30 students, up to as many as 300 students or more. With smaller class room sizes, class discussion is obviously going to be plenty more practical than in large lecture hall size classes. Communication between a student, their peers, and the teacher is very important in a class for the students’ education. In smaller classes, teachers will have more control and flexibility in teaching, while with a large class the teacher is forced to follow a set schedule with little deviation away from the lecture in order to have any discussion or maintain all of the students’ attention. Subsequently, students in lecture hall based class are more feasible to sleep, text, talk to their neighbors, or do anything else they feel like. According to Anik Singal, “most students are excited about lecture hall courses because it gives them a better chance to hide.” On the other hand, students in smaller classes aren’t that much better off. They have more of an opportunity to take in asking questions, and participating in discussion but the students often don’t, thus leading to the same problem of not paying attention.
I take five college classes, only one of which is a large lecture hall course, chemistry; my other four are smaller classes with about thirty students each, math, composition, literature, and spanish. Every day that I go into my math class all my fellow students and I do the same thing; we sit down, listen to our professor work out math problems from our course webpage for fifty minuets, and then leave. No one in my class ever ask questions and I rarely see anyone write anything down because all of what it being lecture is readily available to us through the course website. This leads to students to sleep, (the lights are off because the projector is always on), text, or simply not show up because they feel there is no reason to. There will be students who walk in,...

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