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Classroom Management Essay

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Classroom behavior for this particular class has be a challenge for me. This class has five or six students who have behavioral issues. This is the biggest part of classroom management. If I can not manage behavior , then I can’t over come any other management. I have not given up on meeting this challenge. In the beginning of this semester I discussed ideas that dealt with hand raising , and a number system that involves expectations and meeting those . For students that did not meet the expectations , numbers were assigned. A certain amount of numbers received varying degrees of consequences, from time out to filling out a behavior strategy sheet for the parents to sign. While this was ...view middle of the document...

You really should see the look on their face when they realize they have been caught.
Another strategy that I use that is very effective is to just do nothing. Let’s say that a couple of my students will not pay attention , or maybe we are in a transition and there is a lot of talking. I begin my lesson. The behavior still continues. It is at this point that I just freeze and stop everything I am doing and just stare at them without saying a word. The students see the look on my face and can tell I am disappointed. Things get quiet and the lesson moves on. This past week I have been substituting for my clinical teacher for four consecutive days. I reevaluated my behavior plan to make it more effective which has been working. If a student is having behavior problems, then a warning is given . If behavior continues to be a problem then what ever class work the student is working on is taken up and a zero is placed on it. A note is written on the back of the paper explaining to mom and dad what the offence was and they must sign it. Once I received the signed paper the zero will be graded. This is just an effort to show the parents what the child is doing other than their work. On Thursday A female student had been creating outburst ,back talking me, snapping at other students, and getting out of her seat whenever she wanted. I took her paper, wrote the note to Mom and Dad and wrote on the front 0 unless signed and returned. The next day her grandmother called me at school. She told me to do that again if I needed to, and assured me this student would not give me anymore problems. Do you know what? She hasn’t! This set the example for the rest of the class and behavior has not been a problem. Last week was the best week out of my whole internship with these kids. Their reward will be a pizza party that I had approved on Wednesday, paid for by me.
I believe classroom management is communication. I have made phone calls to most of my parents. I made the calls to set up tutoring, talk about behavior , as well as offer praise. My job as a teacher is not to just talk to my children and co workers . It is keeping the parents in the loop too. I want parents to see what their child is learning. Things are taught so different now than when I was a child. Parents some times do not believe the new ways of solving Math problems so they just call the teacher wrong. Opening that communication helps with getting that new knowledge to the home so parents can help at...

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