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Classroom Management Problems Essay

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My essay will focus on the introduction, the two motivational theories, the importance and consequences of teachers’ job satisfaction on how teachers will derive job satisfaction and dissatisfaction in teaching profession. Any disgruntled teachers who are not satisfied with their job, will not be committed and productive. Such teachers can’t be expected to perform at the best of their capabilities if they are not satisfied. Therefore, the essay will make emphasis on job satisfaction and dissatisfaction and concentrate on the Herzberg and Maslow theories, which they are “theory of needs and two factor theory or sometimes called “two hierarchy of needs.”
Therefore, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction will be discussed from theory of Maslow called “the theory of needs” and Herzberg’s theory is known as “two factor theory” or “hygiene theory”. In this regard, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction will critically assume that the school as an organisation manage the efficiency and the effectiveness of the teachers and school performance. In other to increase the effectiveness of school, teacher’s needs have to be met and this can be done through Herzberg and Maslow theory and this will have positive impacts on student’s educational achievement or learning outcomes and school academic performance. To support this, Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman (1995), argued that, “in other to boost the productivity of employees in particular and organisation in general, it is important to increase the effectiveness of employees at work, so then the employees have positive attitudes towards their jobs.” Another scholar cited that, “the attitudes of employees towards their jobs and life do have an effect on the grade of job satisfaction they have (Herzberg, et al, Stone; 1998).” It is indeed important for the school to motivate their teachers and increase the effectiveness of teacher’s positive attitudes towards their teaching jobs. The attitudes of teachers towards their jobs and life have significant effect on the level of job satisfaction they have. According to Herzberg, et al (1959), “it is vital and fruitful for all organizations to understand as to the factors that can generate satisfaction since satisfied employees can lead to improved moral and this will bring happiness and greater self realisation.”
The questions that comes to my mind as regard teachers dissatisfaction is, is it true that public (maintained) school teachers are dissatisfied, if so, what are these dissatisfactions? In what capacity are they not satisfied? Is it the principal-teacher, teacher-teacher and the student-teacher relationship? Is it the working environment? Is it the classroom behaviour of students? Is it the workload and the work pressure, or is it the reward system?
Then, the teachers are individuals who are unique, they are different from one another and their job satisfaction will be affected differently among others; their age, sex, education and their personal differences....

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