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Classroom Management Plan Essay

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I believe that the children in our classrooms are the future to our nations success. Each student will bring a different skill and talent to the classroom, and as a teacher it is my goal to help each student to succeed to their maximum potential. Students shall learn and adapt to essentialism. Students will graduate knowing all the required material and more to ensure a promising future. Parents should support each student to the best of there ability. The community’s roll is to support academic and extracurricular activities inside and outside of school. It is a teacher’s responsibility that no student should be left behind. Teachers should keep up to every standard, learn and adapt to students and continuously put as much effort to develop them selves to become improved educators. Students should put as much effort and focus into studies as possible. It is important that students keep on track and goal orientated. Student learning occurs when the teacher introduces new material, explains the content, guides the student through the exercises and tests them to make sure they can comprehend the new material. As an educator, we will be teaching our students content that pertains to our expertise.
The physical environment of my classroom will be large, open, and slightly dim. The lights will be dimmed because it is easier on the student’s eyes. When I was working out in industry, all CAD offices had the blinds shut, and the computer monitors brightness turned up, I had observed that at several companies I have visited over the years as well. The classroom lay out will be grouped in desks of four in a square shape. The monitors will be towards the center of the square. My goal is for the students to work in groups of two, the person that is sitting directly across from another. I hope to have at least five or six stations set up in the classroom. One corner will consist of the plotter, printer, 3D printer, and filing drawers. The filing drawers will be used to hold my blank drafts of projects for students and blank paper for 2D sketches. My desk will sit in front of the projector screen, which rolls down in front of the white board. The back wall of the classroom will consist of another large white board with corkboards on both sides. The corkboard on the left side will consist of all of the 2D drafting tools. Those tools will consist of right angle templates, radius templates, and etcetera. Each computer will need a student version of CAD software, Microsoft Word, key board, mouse, 3D mouse, and an upgraded processor with hi definition graphics card. The school should provide all the necessary drafting equipment. I will need a projector linked to my computer for teaching lessons, showing examples, and presentations. I will also need a drafting table next to my desk for students to turn projects in, which is where I will be grading all the drafts. If a student needs special accommodations, I will have a designated desk set up near mine in the...

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