Classroom Observation Report

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Classroom Observation After fifteen hours of classroom observation, I look forward to being a teacher even more than at the beginning of this semester. However, there is a lot more to learn about the profession of teaching. It is very different than what one might anticipate. Everything I have learned up to this point has only made my future as a teacher more concrete, and more exciting. There are many reasons I want to be a teacher, and these will be discussed in this essay. It will also cover personal experiences, such as disappointing and exciting moments in the classroom. Lastly, this essay will discuss the Danielson domains and professional dispositions and how they are used in the Port Louisa school system.

In response to the question; “Do I still want to be a teacher?” my answer is clear: yes. There are a few reasons I chose Math Education as my major. Numbers and problem solving have always been extremely interesting. Subjects like math and science are appealing because of their objectivity and exactness. This is, of course, a somewhat unpopular idea – most students dread math and fear subjects as ominous sounding as physics. It would be a great opportunity and challenge to try to infuse some enthusiasm and interest into a subject that can so well describe the world in which we live. Albert Einstein once said, “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” Getting kids to love math is indeed a very high goal, but luckily there are many more reasons I want to teach.

Another influence is in high school, I had great math teachers. It was senior year when I asked my Calculus teacher why we had to work through such complicated problems after we had already grasped the concept. He told me that it wasn’t at all about coming up with the right answer. Math is about learning how to reason logically, and problem solve when the solution is not immediately apparent. That idea really rings true, and it provides a sort of validation for wanting to spend a career in a classroom. Many people may think that pre-collegiate class material will never be used in the real world. It may be true that students will never solve another system of equations in their lives after high school. It is possible, however, to teach life skills in the classroom that influence people long after they graduate high school. However, some of the classroom observations have exposed specific challenges to impact lives for the better.

One observation in the classroom that has been disappointing is the lack of relationship between the students and the teacher. There are a couple reasons this may...

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