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In the case study Vicky, a school principal that oversees twenty teachers. Recently, the Superintendent of the school district has restructured the evaluating process for teachers. This new method requires the principle to evaluate the teacher on 20 different elements. If a score of lower than 3 is reported, then a reason must be written why from the principle. This method would take more time from Vicky’s schedule. Her plan is to evaluate 5 teachers a year. Each year only grade 5 elements closely and give the rest of the 15 elements a score of 3, or passing.
The critical issue with Vicky’s assessment strategy is that the strategy ignores approximately 75% of the elements deemed necessary ...view middle of the document...

Another issue with Vicky’s method is that her method does not call for a quick and efficient full evaluation of the teachers. For example, in the category of communication, the teacher could be given a 3, without assessment, to speed the process. During the next evaluation four years later, the category of communication would be evaluated. Vicky could find that in fact, the teacher does a poor job in communicating to the students and would give her a score of 1. This would have the principal perform a write up on the score and express the concerns to the teacher. The teacher would then take this information, and correct the issues and strengthen other traits. In the end, the teacher is finally assessed on the element, but it would not happen for 5 years in this example.
After 4 evaluations, all the traits would finally be assessed, after 16 years. By then hundreds of students would have passed through these educators. When the teacher’s poor performance is finally brought to light, it would have been too late to help those hundreds of students avoid the poor teaching. On the other hand, the teacher could be performing at an excellent level and deserve the 5 on the evaluation. Since the principle is not grading every element, the teacher would be given a 3 on the assessment. This method would not give a clear and consistent method of actual evaluation.
A method that may aid Vicky in assessing more efficiently, while still maintaining classroom time would be to evaluate teachers twice a year, but divide the elements being evaluated between each evaluation. Vicky could sustain the current rate of teachers being evaluated at 5 a year, but visit twice per year. During each visit, she will choose ten of the elements from the list of twenty. By dividing the elements, she will have more time to focus on these elements. If a teacher then...

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