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Classrooms Must Access The Internet Essay

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Classrooms Must Access the Internet

 Times are changing. Only ten years ago, the average family could not afford a personal computer for the home. Over the last decade, prices have fallen causing the availability of computers to rise. Computers have made their way into almost every business and school. Functioning without them seems somewhat difficult to most people. Schools are especially interested in investing in the technology of tomorrow. Computer classes have been created along with typing courses to aid students in every way possible in preparing them for the world of tomorrow. Not knowing how to use a computer will be like not knowing how to drive a car. There are ways of getting around the absence of a computer, but most of society will depend on them. The use of computers makes numerous tasks easier and quicker to accomplish. One advantage all children should have in the writing room is access to the World Wide Web, also know as the "Web," or, WWW.


Technology is changing and so should classrooms. The World Wide Web is an important tool. It offers a vast amount of valuable information to children of all ages across the world. According to Pedroni Guillermo who holds a Master of Science in Education from Southern Illinois University, "We need to encourage students to become familiar with the different tools and resources that would enable them to compete in the 21st century. The students of the suture need to know how to use the Internet in an efficient manner as a communication, research, and business medium. As the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, mentioned during an Endorsement of Technology, 'technology is reshaping our world at an outstanding speed' (WHPR 1995). We need to prepare children for the society of tomorrow.


Interestingly, "Vice President, Al Gore, said 'that in a challenge to the nation's communities the use of the new technologies to improve educational opportunities motivates students, and helps tap into their natural curiosity" (Guillermo 2). Does that not make sense? Who would pass up the opportunity to actively learn, to be in control of the keyboard and what appears next on the screen? What would be more appealing than colorful images and text filled with links the child can control compared to written text on the chalkboard?


The amazing thing about the Internet is that it "has the ability to erase all geological, languages, and time barriers so that students continue to learn long after leaving school" (Guillermo 2). The Internet also provides instant communication with millions of users worldwide. This allows the traditional classroom to be expanded literally across the world. Bringing the availability of the Web into the average classroom would allow children access to text, photographs, video clips, and sound from all over the world that might otherwise be unobtainable.


What does the Web have to offer? This is a common question among new users. The...

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