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Claudio In Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

In Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing Claudio seems, at the
beginning of the play to be very brave after being victorious in a
battle. This is show by how the messenger introduces him

‘Doing in the figure of a lamb the feats of a lion’

This also makes him seem very young and shy. In this play Shakespeare
uses many different structures to reveal Claudio’s character; he also
uses his language to help the audience to understand what Claudio is
really like. Claudio is a man who falls in love with a female named
Hero who instantly wants to marry. Claudio doesn’t realise he is being
deceived as some people don’t want the wedding to go ahead until the
truth is uncovered. Claudio is very close friends with Benedick; this
is portrayed in the first scene. Claudio is also great friends with
Don Pedro, prince of Arragon but doesn’t get on at all with Don John,
Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother, who is extremely jealous of Claudio
for what he has.

During Act 1 Scene Claudio is asking what Benedick thinks of Hero as
he just set his eyes upon her and thinks that he loves her. He is
asking for reassurance from a friend and after he does he also talks
to the prince Don Pedro. Claudio is very friendly towards Benedick and
is certain about his love for Hero but he needs a friend’s approval as
he is very insecure. Claudio says ‘Can the world buy such a jewel?’

This revels that he is insecure as he needs to ask may questions to
find out what Benedick thinks when Benedick answers with a positive
answer Claudio seems a lot more sure about him self and says what he
thinks of her. Claudio uses a lot of prose while discussing his love
to Hero in this scene. ‘In mine eyes she is the sweetest lady that
ever I looked on’

Claudio uses prose to engage into a casual conversation with Benedick
as he is trying to get reassurance as he is unsure about his love for
Hero. This shows us that Claudio is feeling insecure about how he
feels about Hero and what he should do. He could feel this because he
has never felt like he does now before.

Further on in Act 1 Scene 1 Claudio is talking to Don Pedro and tell
him his thoughts on Hero. Claudio is being friendly to Don Pedro
although he is higher ranking. Claudio’s feelings towards Hero have
not changed. Claudio uses poetry as he is talking about Hero and she
is very important to him, he is declaring his love for Hero to Don
Pedro ‘All prompting me how fair young Hero is, saying I lik’d her ere
I went to wars.’

This shows he loves Hero and he has realised he loved her before he
went to war. This shows he truly does love Hero. But he also seems to
be very misogynist as he believes that the woman’s place is at home ‘I
look’d upon her with a soldier’s eye this suggests he does not see her

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