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Nursing is a profession that requires a unique skill set. A few of the traits include compassion, understanding and empathy. Clayton State University has a goal to produce competent, compassionate, professional nurses with communication and technical skills. Clayton State’s School of Nursing has outlined nine program outcomes or concepts that are part of the Conceptual Curriculum Model. These concepts include caring, communication, critical thinking, human diversity, informatics, interdisciplinary collaboration, nursing therapeutics, professional development, and theory based practice. These program outcomes relate to three nurse and client transitions; health-illness transitions, developmental transitions and organizational transitions. In health care, it is necessary to be knowledgeable and advanced in many areas in order to provide efficient care; these concepts are the foundation for a healthy nurse and client relationship.
Transition is the process of changing from one state to another. Transition is the core of discipline in nursing ( Schumacher & Meleis, 1994, p.120). One particular transition listed in the Conceptual Curriculum Model is Health-Illness. Health can subjectively be defined as a state of optimal well being while illness can be defined as a sickness having a negative affect on the body. Two of the four aims of nursing are to promote health and prevent illness. In order to be successful in meeting these aims, a nurse will use knowledge, skills and critical thinking. (Taylor, 2011, p. 9). Health Illness can include acute or chronic illness (Murphy, 1990, p.3) There is a correlation between health illness and program outcomes. In order to promote health and prevent illness, a nurse must care for patients, communicate effectively and use critical thinking skills. Humans are very diverse and a nurse must alter his or her care in a way that makes the patient feel most comfortable because the patient’s needs come before our own. It is necessary to do research by using a variety of resources to inform patients about a healthy lifestyle or to prevent further destruction; this why informatics is important. Based off of the evidence found, theories can be created. If we are unsure, we must use interdisciplinary collaboration and learn to collaborate with other health care providers to ensure the best outcome for the patient. As a nurse, we will acquire new knowledge on a daily basis which reflects our professional development. During the promotion of health and treatment of illness, it is very important to attempt to heal the patient but as a nurse or a future nurse, we can’t forget about the emotional impact. Nursing therapeutics is just as necessary as any other step because the patient should feel at ease and most comfortable. A gentle touch or smile can make a difference (Nursing Student Handbook, 2013, p.8). Nurses can become more skilled in these areas through their own progression and development.

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