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Clean Air Act Essay

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For this research paper, I chose to discuss the Louisiana air quality and its effects on the community. I was raised here in Baker, Louisiana which is north of Baton Rouge. Growing up I noticed something very striking and odd. We are overly exposed to chemical plants and their outputs. Driving around Baton Rouge at night and seeing a distant flame I often wonder what it really was. I wonder how this was affecting the community. How was this affecting our health? Upon doing research, I discovered it is called upset emissions. Upset emissions are unplanned events which release VOCs into the air. The Bucket Brigade which is an anti-energy group refers to emissions as accidents. Every year they release an annual report which gives information on the State of Louisiana air quality. A group called Energize LA made a rebuttal against the report. They argued that the Bucket Brigade facts were inaccurate. The views of both will be explained in detail. For this research paper, there will be a discussion on the upset emission effects on communities and health. As well how it correlates to the previous class discussions on the Clean Air Act.
The Bucket Brigade annual report there has been massive amounts of pollutant released. It states that Louisiana refineries averaged six upset emissions per week in 2012. There were over 327 upset emissions in 2012. This number has dropped from 346 from 2011. They are working with insiders to be whistleblowers from within the oil industry and government agencies. They want folks to become activist against the illegal behavior which has been occurring. The Bucket Brigade reached out to the different refineries but only one responded. According their list of top air pollution accidents in 2012 Exxon Mobil Chemical Plant rounded out the list. This refinery is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There are different causes of refinery air pollution is mostly weather and equipment failure. Their key findings were that not all upset emission were not reported. They suggested reporting this as to iWitness pollution which is a map which shows accidents. They also claimed that upset emission are getting worse. They suggest that refineries should upgrade their equipment and hire more workers to prevent accidents. The Bucket Brigade highlighted the Exxon Mobil Complex in Baton Rouge. It was caused by leaking bleeder valve Tank 801. There was about ten pounds of benzene released at 5am on June 14, 2012. There were iWitness pollution may detailing strong odors of burnt tar. The benzene is known to cause cancer in humans.
In rebuttal the group Energize LA offers more accurate information. Louisiana has been a part of this industry since 1909 when Standard oil of New Jersey choose Baton Rouge for a refinery. It was envision that it would strengthen the company’s domestic market capabilities. Energize LA is Louisiana’s fuel and chemicals manufacturing sector served as economic growth for Louisiana. It has been a steady flow of much needed...

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