Clean Cut Misfit Fictional Writing

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Clean Cut Misfit - Fictional Writing

"Jason, it's for you!" called Mrs Davis from downstairs. Jason opened
an eye. He groaned. Mrs Davis walked up the stairs with the cordless
telephone in her hand. Jason opened the other eye. Mrs Davis opened
Jason's bedroom, only to find him lying on the floor in a heap. She
looked up, and rolled her eyes at Jason's blue curtains, closed.

Jason had fallen out of bed, and was lying on the floor, on top of his

"Come on, get up!" Mrs Davis was stood above Jason like a giant. She
reached down and handed him the phone. Jason took the phone from his
mother, and, still half asleep, put it to his ear.


"Dude, you have to come out today!" It was David, Jason's best friend.
He seemed really excited about something.

"What's so special about today? Aren't we having a band practise?"
Jason was in a band with David, and another one of his friends, Jim.
Jim didn't go to their school, but David and Jim were friends at
primary school and had kept in touch. In their band, Jason played the
drums, David played guitar, and Jim played bass guitar and sang. They
were hopeless, but they had big plans and ambitions. They had a
practise every Saturday in Jason's garage, where his drum kit was

"No, go to Tesco," Jason found this a little bit odd.

"Why Tesco?" he asked, completely surprised.

""We need to buy some milk for Jim's mum!" replied David. "It's a
special mission! Hurry up!"

Jason thought he heard laughter in the background, but he realised
that he was still half asleep and assumed that he had dreamed it. He
ignored it.

After arguing about David having woken Jason up too early, they agreed
to meet at Tesco at eleven O' clock. Jason would ask his father to
give him a lift.

Jason hung up, got up off the floor, and stood up, his tall, slim
frame casting along shadow across his darkened bedroom. His long, dark
brown hair fell across his face and over his eyes. He brushed it away
and went to get a shower.

Ten minutes later, he got out and dried himself off. He trudged into
his bedroom - the curtains still shut - and opened his wardrobe. He
chose his new red No Fear T-shirt, and his navy blue Fubu jeans, got
dressed, pulled on his black beanie hat, adjusted his lip ring, and
went downstairs to have a quick breakfast.

"Dad, will you take me to Tesco for eleven?" asked Jason, and his
eyebrows were raised.

"Sure." That was easy, thought Jason to himself. He went to pour
himself some cereal, and then sat down to eat it.

Jason finished his breakfast and went upstairs to brush his teeth.
After he had finished, he lumbered into his room, and then realised
that he was in a rush. He grabbed his bag, fumbled with zip, and when
he had finally won his bat, he stuffed his black hoodie, his mobile

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