Clean Needles Benefit Society/Programs Don't Make Sense

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Argument Evaluation AssignmentArticle 1: CLEAN NEEDLES BENEFIT SOCIETY1. Identify at least two arguments.Argument 1:•The 37 cities trying needle exchanges are accumulating impressive data that they are an effective tool against spread of an epidemic now in its 13th year.2. Outline the argument premises and conclusions.Premises:•55% of used needles show traces of AIDS virus.•In New Haven, new HIV infections are down 33% for addicts in exchanges.Conclusion:•Needle exchanges have proven their benefit.3. Identify whether the premises support the conclusions.•Yes4. Identify whether the premises are reasonable.•Yes5. Explain how you came to decisions about article arguments.•Both premises give impressive data to back up the argument that needle exchanges are an effective tool against the spread of an epidemic (Aids). The premises support the conclusion that needle exchanges prove their benefit.Argument 2:•Needle exchange is a soundly based counterattack against an epidemic.2. Outline the argument premises and conclusions.Premises:•Evidence shows drug users will seek out clean needles to cut chances of almost certain death from AIDS.•(Some 28% of AIDS cases are IV drug users.) And AIDS treatment costs taxpayers far more than the price of a few needles.Conclusion:•They should be encouraged and expanded.3. Identify whether the premises support the conclusions.•Yes4. Identify whether the premises are reasonable.•Yes5. Explain how you came to decisions about article arguments.Though the first premise seems to be more of an opinion because there is not any specific evidence provided, the second premise gives facts to prove that 28% of aids victims are IV drug users who logically could spread the disease further by sharing needles. Both premises logically lead to the conclusion that the needle exchange should be encouraged because it is cheaper than the cost of Aids treatment.Article 2: PROGRAMS DON'T MAKE SENSE1. Identify at least two arguments.Argument 1:•It's wrong to attempt to ease one crisis by...


Syringe Exchange Programs: A Matter of Public Health

2358 words - 10 pages choices to make better life choices. Needle exchange is a public health matter so the government should not play politics when it comes to this issue. Giving clean needles is no different than issuing condoms as a preventative method. Dr. Akhter, executive director of the American Public Health Association who was once against SEPs, stated, “In the face of such overwhelming scientific evidence, not releasing federal funds gives the impression that

Advocating for Prison Needle Exchange Programs

1157 words - 5 pages implemented in several countries including, but not remotely limited to: Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Iran.7 This issue is not only about the rights of prisoners. As mentioned, a result of this issue is an increased prevalence of HIV among prisoners. These prisoners will eventually be released back into society, putting even more people at risk of HIV acquisition. Solution to Health Advocacy Concern • Implement Needle and Syringe Programs (NSPs

Drug users and disposable needles

748 words - 3 pages society. Clean disposable needles could be a tool that saves users from disease or death. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains that the types of drugs harder to quit are opiates. The encyclopedia explains, physical dependence are the opiates (i.e., opium and its derivatives).” The opiates cause physical dependence because they directly affect the central-nervous-system and make addict crave the drug. The most common way that addicts use opium is

Current Issues of Needles and Syringes Exchange Program

1148 words - 5 pages Another issue might be arise due to needle and syringe exchange program is legal and law enforcement. The legal and the regulatory of government do not permit the distribution of clean needles and syringes which create the obstacles and difficulties to the successful operation of the program mainly for Intravenous Drug Users (IDU). Most recent survey of The Centre of Public Policies (2000), one of non-profit organization, show that they

Reduce the Spread of HIV among IUDs

647 words - 3 pages Unlike commercial marketing that focuses on selling goods and services, social marketing is a distinct discipline where efforts are targeted at influencing behaviors that will improve health, prevent injuries, and/or contribute to communities. It utilizes a systematic planning process that applies marketing principles to deliver a positive benefit for society. One of the most challenging aspects of social marketing is that it relies heavily on

Safe Injection Sites in Canada

1575 words - 6 pages spread of certain diseases caused by syringe-sharing practices. The victims of this horrible addiction will benefit in a way that they will be provided with clean and administered drug injections. Safe injection sites will temporarily help drug abusers achieve a better standard of living by injecting drugs in a safely manner, while at the same time reduce the spread of life-threatening diseases that pose a risk on the entire population.POLICY

Purpose of Needle Exchange Programs

962 words - 4 pages The main purpose of needle exchange programs are based on that idea that access to sterile needles will significantly reduce needle sharing and will in turn reduce HIV transmission. It is also believed that implementing needle exchange programs will allow more opportunities for other forms of HIV prevention education to come about and increase people’s access to HIV treatment services. These exchange programs have opened up plenty of things that

Harm Reduction

2273 words - 9 pages relapse is common among users is negated. Clean needles and other drug paraphernalia that could help are not administered, in turn almost encouraging poor drug use methods among offenders (sharing needles, dental dams). Harm reduction models which have been developed to combat issues related to poor drug use by users. A Study done on ‘‘high methadone substitution therapy’ ’scenario averted the most infections (4,700), with the majority (2,970


1910 words - 8 pages intravenous drug users are having to buy them illegally. Many times needles are distributed illegally because the barriers against obtaining them legally are to great. The spread of HIV is a serious problem among intravenous drug users and their contacts. Through previous needle exchange programs and mathematical models it is shown that syringe exchange reduces needle sharing and does not lead to increased substance abuse. In San Francisco, a needle

Needle exchange: An effective strategy to prevent disease transmission without increasing drug usage

4343 words - 17 pages an effective part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce the incidence of HIV transmission and do not encourage the use of illegal drugs. Despite this determination a ban on US Federal funding of needle exchange programs remains in effect to this day. The basis of the ban is political, not scientific. Some places in the United States, like New Jersey, have arrested individuals for providing clean needles to drug users. An article (Green, 1998

Needle Exchange Programs: Effective or Ineffective?

2504 words - 11 pages , in where they feel like it's a community that can give them access to sterile syringes and not judge for being injection drug users. This study focused on how drug users not only receive clean needles, but also had different services such as clinic visits, assistance with welfare applications, and housing. Like described from the previous study, there are many reasons why needle exchange programs are beneficial to drug users. Even with this

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703 words - 3 pages In the article "programs don't make sense", Peter B. Gemma Jr. emphasizes that the policy that give out free needles to junkies to help them avoid from the affection of AIDS is totally wrong. His main ground is that government cannot subsidize free needles to reduce the number of people using drug. However, I totally disagree with him because his arguments were flawed.First, when he says that the program does not save the drug-addictions, he

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2989 words - 12 pages cannot have schools teaching one thing and the government supporting another, implicitly sending the message that drug use is okay by supplying clean needles to addicts. Giving clean needles to addicts is no way to solve the drug problems that plague our society. Needle programs only help drug addicts stay high (Lawrence 1). Not only does the needle-exchange program implicitly encourage drug use, it also contributes to drug use. Giving sterile

Needle Exchange Programs And The Fight Against Hiv/Aids

1517 words - 7 pages common sense that IDUs will not want to simply throw their used needles on their street since they can exchange them for clean ones at the local NEP. A fifth argument against NEPs is that they are not effective, or there are better alternatives (such as making needles available only with a doctor’s prescription). This argument is easily rebutted, however, by the massive amount of research that has shown the effectiveness of NEPs in changing IDU

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641 words - 3 pages In an article entitled: Man who hands out clean needles in San Antonio threatened with jail time the author, Miguel Bustillo argues that, “Needle-exchange programs have been controversial.” Critics claim that they encourage drug use and send a bad message about the government’s war on drugs. Although, some studies have questioned needle-exchange effectiveness, most research has found that the programs reduce transmission of