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Even though messy people are unorganized and messy, they are still overall better then neat people. The start of the essay by Britt is effective in telling the reader what’s going on.” I’ve finally figured out the difference between neat people and sloppy people” (644). After that is when she push’s that” neat people are lazier and meaner then sloppy people” (644). The reason Britt says this is because she trying to demonstration that neat people are uncaring in the essay but she insistent on being comical throughout the essay. When I read the essay I didn’t really get the comical aspect she was strafing for. I took the essay a lot more serious because I think of myself a sloppy person and ...view middle of the document...

Also she puts more attention to the sloppy people and by doing that it puts the neat people not in good position. Also she puts the neat people in a persistent manner that the neat people are can’t express their side in the essay. That is way she showing that sloppy people are better than neat people.
Pursing this further Britt is a good author but she is more biased toward the neat people. An example of this “neat people place neatness above everything” (645). To me I don’t think that is true because they get rid of all of the stuff because they are trying to make it cleaner. The stuff they get rid of however they would replace the items they got rid of. Then they would get better items to replace the items they got rid of. To me I think that is better than keeping TV for instance that’s been in your family for years and it broke. A sloppy person would have kept because of all the memories they had with it. While a neat person would get a better TV to keep that neatness. In the essay that Britt’s write she never put that into account while making this essay.
Additionally I can see that sloppy...

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