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Cleaning Up Detroit Essay

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Detroit, it was once the backbones of this U.S now it’s the largest U.S city to file for bankruptcy. Thriving neighborhoods are now abandoned, not enough police to keep the city safe. Going From a population of nearly 2million to under 700,000 in a matter of years. The citizens of Detroit really need to stick together through these tough times. The problems going on in the city is by far the worst that we have seen in years and it needs to be something done about we can’t continue to watch Detroit’s Neighborhoods deteriorate like this.
Safety is a major issue within the city of Detroit. About 40 percent or more of Detroit’s 88,000 streets were not functioning. This is very dangerous for these specific reasons such as since the crime rate in Detroit is at an all-time high it puts citizens more at risk because if it’s dark out it is very hard to see your surroundings and makes an easy target for criminals. Another reason is that it will be very hard for you to see walking around. Suppose if a car doesn’t have its lights on and you walk across the street while the car is coming and your life could be taking away that quickly due no streetlights being functional which could have been avoided if the streetlight were functional in the first place .
The Police in Detroit are yet another problem going downhill. The size of the police team in Detroit has been cut by about 40 percent in the last decade. In 2012 the emergency manager reported that the police department had about 2,030 employees. But city officials also stated that out of those 2,030 employees only about 33 percent was actually patrolling the city. If no officers are out controlling and making sure the city safe that just leaves room for more crime that criminals can have a fun time with because its high chance there not going to get caught. The police department isn’t even open to the public all day it only stays open 16-hours a day. Which means after the 16 hour shift you either have to call 911 or you will be own your attending to your problem by yourself.
The amounts of abandoned homes in Detroit are due to fires and drug raids by the police. Abandoned homes are dangerous in the community because there are so many children in the neighborhoods that play around these types of conditions. Sometimes drug related items such as needles or even drugs are left behind after raids. Children don’t have knowledge that these things are very harmful and pick them up and play with them. This can lead to serious injuries and sometimes infection. In Detroit alone there are about 78,000 abandoned homes in the community.
I believe the solution is to get new leaders in office and get the budget in order so we can get the funds and start getting the things we need to make Detroit a better place live and also to visit. In order to do that we need to put new city leaders in place who know how to make the right decisions and will make a big difference in making...

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