Clear Cut Logging And Other Options

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Clear Cut Logging and Other Options

Have you ever awakened on a beautiful sunny morning in the Southwest planning on
going for a hike in the Cascade Mountains, but when you arrive at your destination
there are only stumps? This is the result of clear-cut logging. The negative aspects of
logging, by far, outweigh the benefits. Clear-cut logging is the practice of harvesting
all the trees in a specifically marked area. Another logging method is a selective cut
which is the harvesting of some trees to open the canopy so the remaining trees can
grow faster. Last but not least, is the practice of salvage logging. This results in the
harvesting of dead or dying trees, either in a selective or clear-cut method. Over time,
clear-cut logging has been used for a variety of reasons. They include, but are not
limited to, generating revenue, the maximum production of wood fiber for its many
uses, and clearing land for houses and businesses. Clear-cut logging possesses some
positive outcomes and some negative outcomes. The positives of clear-cut logging
include: The increased amount of jobs available, which in turn betters America's
economy by generating revenue, the chance for prevention of catastrophic fires, and
the bettering of forest health. Another benefit is the production of wood products, and
the access provided to the public from the logging roads. On the other hand, the
negatives of clear-cut logging include the increased amount of sedimentation in
streams and rivers, the increase in water temperatures, the degradation of fish and
wildlife habitat, the increased chance for fires, and the soil compacting caused by
heavy logging machinery.
Clear-cut logging benefits America's economy in several ways. First, there are
a variety of jobs created, like the everyday logger, the log truck drivers, helicopter
pilots, mill workers, carpenters and the construction companies , to name a few.
These jobs help our economy by increasing the money flow in society and decreasing
the number of America's unemployed. Another economic benefit is the generation of
revenue for communities. Twenty-five percent of the revenue from logging sales on
national forest goes back to the community/county where logging occurred, for the
improvement of roads and schools (USDA 2000). Clear-cut logging can also help
forest health. A created opening clear-cut can be made to protect the most valuable
trees from fire. For example, the clearing of Lodge Pole Pine creates space between
itself and Ponderosa Pine. This clear-cut technique helps reduce the chance for
catastrophic fires by removing fuels from the fire and not allowing the fire to "jump"
to the Ponderosas Pine. Wood products such as houses, furniture, and paper products
are all benefits of clear-cut logging. Also, when companies clear-cut they build roads
to reach their destination. These roads provide access to the public for fishing,
hunting, or any other outdoor...

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