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Clearing A Conscience. Caroline Myss's Theory Is That When One Lies He Will Go Through Much Suffering And The Only Way To Rid The Body Of This Pain Is To Confess The Lie.

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When one finds himself in a sticky situation and needs a way out, human instinct is to take the easy way out, to lie about what happened. The next step is to feel guilt for the lie committed. After that, the guilt will continue to grow stronger, this will continue until the liar has admitted his wrong doing and takes responsibility for his actions, making the first step, of lying, into a pointless detour on the way to solving his problems. Caroline Myss's theory is that when one lies he will go through much suffering and the only way to rid the body of this pain is to confess the lie.As a normal person I have told some lies, these lies eating away at myself egging my conscience to confess. In seventh grade I had a meeting with my teacher discussing with my mother my late and missing assignments. One of the assignments I looked at my teacher and told her that I had in fact turned that in on time. I knew to myself that I had turned it in late. My teacher looked at me and she knew that I was lying; it was my word against hers. My mother believed me, I was her daughter and she trusted me to tell her the truth. The uncomfortable awkwardness of the meeting finally ended; my mom and I headed for home. During the ride home there was only one thing that my guilty conscience would let its self think about, my late assignment. After a few hours of endless torture on myself I had only one cure to stop the aggravating pain, I had to confess. I told my mom that there was a possibility I turned the assignment in late. My mother was furious, not about the late assignment but about the lie that I had told to her. The small and insignificant way that my mom made me feel hurt, however the amount of pain I would have had to endure if I had not told my mom the truth would have continued to be much worse. The aggravation that I gave to myself by making a lie that should never have been said was worse then taking the consequences for the late assignment; nevertheless the guilt that had weighed down upon me would never leave unless I stood up and confessed my wrongdoings.Reverend Dimmesdale from the Scarlet Letter had committed a sin. Dimmesdale as a reverend of the community and someone others looked up to believed that he himself needed to hide his sin from everyone else. He decided that it would be in his best interest to keep his love affair unknown. As time continued Dimmesdale's mind thought of little else except for the lie that he was hiding. This lie...

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