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First, she Did try to “handle” this herself. She DID call you and try to come up with a compromise. HOWEVER, you were apathetic to her circumstances and like an immovable rock, unwilling to compromise at ALL. She called me in tears, not knowing quite what to do. I have taught my children to be respectful of their elders. I then called you in hopes that we could accomplish a feasible compromise. I presented to you 8 various potential compromises. You persisted in being inflexible, unwilling to even consider an alternative. Even with this difficulty, I do thank-you for allowing Kimi to store her things with you during the summer.
When Chellis found herself detained in a foreign country and requested your help, did you refuse because she is a grown woman and needs to be able to “handle things on her own”? I seem to recall you and Warren did everything possible to try to assist your daughter. When Guy needed help with Brian did you refuse because he was a grown man and should be able to “handle things on his own”? I believe you did a LOT to try help with this situation, including FACE to FACE confrontations with Caroline. When Melody came to a family reunion without warm clothes for her children did you refuse to help this adult because she should “handle it on her own”? I remember you not only took her to the store, but also purchased the needed items for her. I think, perhaps, you would reach out to help any one of your children should they need it, even though they are adults with children of their own, I commend you for this. Certainly, Kimi is a college student, but still much younger than any of your children when you have “come to their rescue”. She was attempting to make arrangements on her own, the only “help” I was giving her was the call to plead for a compromise from my sister. I must admit, I did not anticipate there would be a “situation” with her aunt she would need “to handle on her own”. No one is an island – from time to time we all need help from others – regardless of our age.
After our phone conversation, I began to reminisce about when Chellis lived with us and the things we did for her. Going out of our way to take care of her. For instance, she found a job in Beaverton, we did not want her walking Brookwood to the bus stop. Bob would start with the intention of only giving her a ride to the bus stop. However, once she was in the truck, more often than not he would give her a ride all the way into work. Also, she would get off shift at 10PM – we did not want her riding the bus at night, so Bob would go into Beaverton to pick her up. I remember the time he drove all the way to the restaurant only to have her say: “This guy is giving me a ride home”. Bob found the kid, showed him our Dodge Ram 4x4 pick up and said: “If she isn’t home by 10:30 that truck out there can drive right over your car!” I am not sure what Chellis had in mind for the evening – but she walked in our door at 10:30. At no time did I say to you “she is...

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