Clearly Define At Least Four Key Elements Of Stanislavsky’s System, And Explain How You Have Used These In Your Own Performance Practice. Give D

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Russian practitioner Constantin Stanislavsky is renowned for his work in naturalistic theatre and his focus on the process of character development for the actor. I have found his techniques extremely useful when trying to create believable characters. This essay will explore elements of Stanislavsky's system including emotion memory and the magic 'if', looking at how he implemented the techniques and how I have used them in practice, in specific relation to the play Mine by Polly Teale. I will also explore how effective each of the techniques can be and when individual ones are perhaps more appropriate or accessible to actors when exploring characters.
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On the surface it is hard for me to relate to the characters as a student with no children. However, emotion memory allowed me to look deeper at what surrounds me and how it has affected me. I performed the last scene from this play, playing the Woman (only named as Woman), opposite Rose, the baby’s biological mother. In the scene, Rose has given up her fight for her child and has gone back to the streets looking for work. The woman has been unable to connect with the baby and has convinced herself that the best place for her is with her maternal mother. Even surrounded with the life Rose has put herself in, the woman in this scene is determined to leave the baby with Rose. When Rose tries to give the baby back the woman says ‘it’s not right’ and ‘ it’s not fair’ and that she could never give her what Rose can give her, drawing on the maternal drive that no matter what, a baby should always be with its birth mother and the birth mother should want to keep their child.. As I have no children, I find this view hard to understand but using emotion memory help me connect by drawing on a personal story I have heard and how this made me feel. A friend of mine was left by his mother when he was just four years old and has never seen her since. Without knowing any more details of this story I found I felt a deep gut feeling, almost like anger, over a mother leaving her child. When performing this scene, as the woman, determined for the baby to be with Rose, I found trigger words in the text and used the memory of the first time my friend told me this to bring back that maternal and almost primal feeling of knowing something was wrong and wanting to correct this. This helped me create a connection to the character and hopefully find the theatrical truth Stanislavski wanted making it relatable and believable for the audience.

Sometimes it is hard to find a specific memory to relate to a characters emotion. Another one of Stanislavski’s elements that could help is the Magic ‘if’ he developed between 1916 and...

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