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Clemson University: Reasons It Is A Good Choice For College

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Clemson University is an amazing school to go to because of its really spectacular weather. You can just sit back and relax just enjoy your day after a long hard day of work from class. Even some students agree here is what one said” The weather gets really hot in the summer gets pretty cold in the winter months. There’s a good spread of the seasons you get a good amount of time for fall winter spring and summer.” ” We realize that top-ranked academics are just the beginning of our students’ race toward the future. High-caliber learning happens and thrives at this university.” (Clemson) So as you can see Clemson thrives to get you in the right place you should be at. Clemson is much known for many things their history, its research centers, and their famous alumnus. So let’s start off with Clemson’s history.
Clemson is known for its very interesting history. A downtown business got its name when some cadets from Clemson took their clothes and he told them let me judge it to see if it could fit and the owner of the business was Judge Keller. In 1917 the whole entire senior class was enlisted in World War 1. (Clemson) In November 1889 Gov. John Peter Richardson signed the bill accepting Thomas Clemson’s gift. (Clemson) It was founded in 1889 by Thomas Green Clemson. It opened in 1893 but had only 446 students as you can see it has way more students now than ever. "The most exciting 25 seconds in college football" began as a simple practicality. Players dressed across the road from the stadium and would run from there, through the gate and down "The Hill" to the field. (Clemson) And even today players say good things about “The Hill”. "Clemson's record at home is not a coincidence. Running down the hill is a part of that record. You get so inspired, and so much of college football is about emotion. You get out of that bus and you hear the roar of the crowd and it gives you chills up and down your spine." (Former Clemson All-America kicker David Treadwell) Now let’s get to Clemson’s research centers.
Clemson is much known for their research centers. They have externally funded research...

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