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Over the past two thousand years there have been many women in history that have captivated our minds through their life story, but none can compare with Cleopatra the Seventh, who still intrigues and fascinates us today. Arguably the most famous queen in history, she was not only charming and beautiful, but also a powerful political woman that masterfully utilized her skill to rule Egypt. She possessed an ability to sway the mind of leaders to gain support for Egypt, which was intimidating to many of her enemies, specifically the Roman's, who feared her the most. Roman history paints her as an evil, lustful siren, which lured men like their great leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, to destruction. Even though the attacks against her were cruel and vicious, it did not prevent the Egyptian people from worshipping Cleopatra. They called her the mother of all mankind the goddess Isis, because of her powerful and courageous stance against Roman aggression towards the Egyptian kingdom. Her presence was imperative to the clash between East and West, who were both trying to control the Mediterranean world.Today she is still recognized as the key political force that played a crucial role at a crucial time in history.Princess Cleopatra, whose name means "glory to her race," was born in 69 B. C. and was the daughter of King Ptolemy XII, the last king to rule the Macedonian Greek dynasty created in 323 B. C. by Alexander the Great. She grew up one of six children in the luxury of the royal palace in Alexandria, a vast cluster of Greek-colonnaded buildings surrounded by beautiful gardens and fruit trees that lay close to the harbor and was cooled by the sea breeze from the Nile River. Near the palace where she lived were beautiful multi-colored stone and marble buildings that contained museums, gymnasiums, zoological gardens with exotic animals and libraries filled with collections of some 400,000-papyrus scrolls, comparing all the great literature of the Mediterranean world. There she consumed herself with all of the resources that were available to her, becoming educated in the history of Greek and Egyptian myths of gods and goddess, and Mediterranean culture. As she grew older, she pursued a more advanced level of education, spending most of her time in the museum talking to scientists, doctors, philosophers, and writers learning literature, the arts, science and medicine. She learned to speak multiple languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Jewish and the native Egyptian tongue, which made her the first Ptolemy to do so. Learning these languages enabled Cleopatra to communicate with her Egyptian subjects and many of the settlers in Alexandria. Like her father she was especially interested in the philosophy of governing that sought to justify kingship and to demonstrate how to be a strong yet benevolent ruler. This unusual education helped in forming Cleopatra's own ideas of how she would one-day rule the kingdom of Egypt.Cleopatra's father, King Ptolemy...

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