Cleopatra´S Influence On Female Leaders Essay

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When a person hears the name, Cleopatra, the first thing that comes to mind is a temptress or a seductress. What people often disregard was her influence on Egypt. Cleopatra was well-educated, and because of this, she was very knowledgeable. She was known to be nationalistic and ambitious. Every action she did, was well thought out and for the benefit of Egypt. She was also goal-oriented and confident. She made sure that her plans for her country would be pursued. Lastly, she was recognized for her intellectual and calculating skills. She was also known to be the last pharaoh of Egypt. People considered her as the reincarnation of the goddess Isis and because of this, she gained power and was remarkably worshipped (Brown 57).
In our society today, female leaders are stereotyped as weak and unworthy to rule. They say that female leaders have no skills and confidence. Female leaders are usually judged and underestimated. Because of this, they are often given little opportunities to show what they are capable of doing. They end up being excluded from male-oriented networks and earn a lower salary than males (“Why are there so few women in leadership?” n.p.).
The strategies Cleopatra used during her rule were very well thought out, and because of this, female leaders who read and understand her story, the hardships she experienced and faced during her rule, will become much more of an encouragement for female leaders everywhere. Those female leaders will be inspired to continue their rule with good leadership and even promote a sustainable development for the future. That is why female leaders should apply Cleopatra’s strategies to become effective leaders.

Cleopatra became the queen of Egypt after the death of her father, Ptolemy XII. During those times, it was normal for incest to occur. This was done to keep families in power for generations (Fletcher 12), and because of this, Cleopatra had to marry her brother, Ptolemy XIII, who at that time was only 10 years old. She and her brother became the co-rulers of Egypt. She rose to the position of queen at the age of 17 (“The Truth About History” 289). Unfortunately, Ptolemy XIII rejected Cleopatra’s status as queen and resented her independence. This led the guardians of Ptolemy XIII to initiate a revolt against Cleopatra and she was stripped off her power, thus was exiled from Alexandria (“The Truth About History” 289).
Cleopatra ended up getting exiled in Syria. While she was there, she decided to prepare her own army to go against her brother (Fletcher 96). She wanted to get her power back and become queen again. She started a civil war in Egypt. She used her skills in manipulation and got help from the different Arab tribes in Syria and allied herself with her sister, Arsinoe VI. Unfortunately, her army was not enough and she needed more men to join her in the war (Milani – Santarpia n.p.).
Cleopatra wanted to strengthen her army and her rule in Egypt, so she strategized and asked for...

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