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Cleopatra The Great Vii Essay

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The Great Man Theory was extremely prominent in the 19th century, originating from historian Thomas Carlyle, who stated that “The history of the world is but the biography of great men.” This mirrors his belief that heros shape history through their personal attributes and divine inspiration. According to this Great Man theory, history is written around the ‘Great Men’ or heroes who, due to their exceptional characteristics of charisma, intelligence, and wisdom utilize their power status to embark on a decisive historic imprint. This theory specifies on these heros’ historical events, being compared to their individual orders and decisions as rulers. In order to fit this title, individuals must use their power of leadership to protect and lead their country, seize given opportunities, possess machiavellianism characteristics, and be influential and captivated by their people. Cleopatra VII, an Egyptian Queen, had exquisite leadership skills which are argued to be better than any man’s, and she was honored and influenced by not only her people, but the world, through the hardships of war, famine, and the expansion of the Roman Empire. Her ideas, guiding principles, and public values influenced why she made the decisions she did. Thus, Cleopatra is the epitome of a ‘Great Man’, according to the criteria of the Great Man Theory.
Cleopatra is a substantial leader because she was one of the first influential female leaders throughout her time on the throne, obtaining more power than any other female leader could achieve. Her leaderships were much different from other leaders which made her shine. Almost every Egyptian queen was named Cleopatra, however, the most famous of which was Cleopatra VII. She was born in Alexandria in 69 BCE, as she was set to be the final of Hellenistic rulers, in the Ptolemaic dynasty. She was the daughter of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V of Egypt. After her birth, her father was her primary influence, a reputation of frivolity, extravagance, cruelty, narcissistic views, and sexual looseness. This played such a great role in Cleopatra’s view of leadership because she saw the negative effects of her father’s narcissistic behaviour towards people. So, she wanted to be different from him in that sense, however, she used some of his traits to her advantage. Cleopatra’s experiences growing up enabled her to live the life of luxury, where she received a thorough education from a myriad of tutors from Alexandria Since her father lacked the ability to read Egyptian symbols, she was inspired to skillfully master the Egyptian language, and an additional of 8 other fluent languages. Not only was this not accomplished by any previous pharaoh, but it allowed her to share a unique connection with her people. By fluently speaking languages, she earned the title of “People’s Princess” because Cleopatra was the first to learn Egyptian instead of only speaking Greek, the language of the royal family since 332 BCE. Thus, she won the...

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952 words - 4 pages ruling Egypt since 305 BC, when Ptolemy I declared himself King of Egypt sometime after Alexander the Great’s death. The Ptolemy family was of Macedonian decent, not Egyptian. 	Cleopatra, more precisely, Cleopatra VII, was the third daughter of Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos "Auletes", who began his rule of Egypt in 80 BC. Cleopatra VII’s mother could possibly have been Cleopatra V Tryphaena, who either died or disappeared in

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