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Client With A Voice Establishing A Therapeutic Nurse Client Relationship

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Today’s health care systems have called attention to the importance of therapeutic nurse-client relationship which needs to be reinstated back into the forefront of thoughts and dialogues about nursing pactice since it has been overpowered by a technology driven medical model. Kleiman (2009. p2). In clinical placement, I will meet with clients for the first time and interact with them in weeks to follow. This is one of the most important aspect for a nursing student like me, as it will further cement my practical and theory knowledge in the real world. Establishing and maintaining a nurse-client relationship that is therapeutical is crucial in this setting. Although it has been argued that health care organisations do not appear to value or recognize the importance of nurses using a patient-centred approach when communicating with patients, (McCabe 2003; Robb, Seddon, & EPIQ, 2006) I will show that in order to provide quality and safe client care, establishing and maintaining a therapeutic nurse-client relationship is a key component in nursing.
Therapeutic relationship refers to a professional relationship between a nurse and a patient who unites in a nursing occasion. This is carried out through communication in a manner which focuses solely on the patient (patient-centred care). An effective communication between a nurse-client is a mutual process of sending and receiving messages clearly from thoughts, feelings, actions and approaches through spoken, written and non verbal means. Nurses must be skilled communicators as outlined by the NZNO Competency on Interpersonal relationships principles. Robb, Seddon & EPIQ (2006) mentions the NZ Ministry of Health’s Improving Quality document perceive “people-centred” rather than patient-centred care, and defines this as: “the extent to which a service involves people, including consumers, their families and whanau and is accessible to their needs and values. It includes participation, appropriateness and adherence to the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights 1996 and adherence to other consumer protections such as the Health Information Privacy Code 1994.10”. Kleiman (2009, p14) pointed out that through therapeutic relationships, a nurse adopts an awareness for the patient as an individual, living, feeling, and thinking human being as they interact in a shared lived experience. This shared life experience begins when the nurse and client meets, and ends when the goals of the clients are met or concluded. Common characteristics of a patient-centred care include: informing, involving and engaging patients and their families in all care processes, eliciting and respecting patient preferences, treating patients with dignity, empathy, and warmth, designing care processes to suit patient needs, ready access to health information and continuity of care. Robb and Seddon (2006). As reported by Bauman, Fardy, and Harris (2003), studies have shown that there are benefits to therapeutic...

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