Customers’ Satisfaction On The Implementation Of Ladies Coach For Ktm Komuter.

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3.1 Introduction
In this chapter will discuss about the method that been use to collect all the data. I also include the technique that been use to make the research.
3. Methodology for Data Collection
3.2 Sampling technique
In order to get the result I choose to use sampling techniques. Sampling techniques are scientific methods of selecting samples from populations. As far as possible, the samples selected must be random and representative of the population from which the samples are selected. The sampling technique used in each study depends on the nature of the population of interest. For this project I have chosen convenience sampling. Convenience sampling is recommended for pre-testing of questionnaires, the gathering of ideas and insight or the forming of hypotheses. In this method, the selection of elements or sampling units is left primarily to the interviewers. I selected the 60 respondent randomly because they happen to be in the right place at the right time.
3.2 Data Collection Method
The data collection method that we use is direct questionnaire. In this method I greet the woman and male passenger and explain briefly our intention before us giving the questionnaire to the customer. I distribute the questionnaire to the customer of KTM Komuter at the Bank Negara station. The station that I choose is one of the stations who have many passengers. The 60 customer that we choose are representing around 1100 passengers who using Bank Negara KTM Komuter. The questionnaire comprised of two sections. The first section is designed to capture the respondents’ demographic. The questions asked in this section are related to the respondents’ gender, education,race, age, and marital status. The second section is designed to measure the customers’ perceptions towards various dimensions of services performance and Ladies Coach in KTM Komuter service.

 I distributed 60 of questionnaire to the female and male customer of KTM Komuter at the Bank Negara stations.
 I also observed the KTM Komuter environment and try by myself using the ladies coach.
3.3.1 Independent variable
The independent variables used in this study are respondents’ preference and overall satisfaction toward Ladies Coach of KTM Komuter.
3.3.2 Dependent variable
Dependent variables is specific service quality attributes which consist of KTM Komuter frequency, fare, punctuality, seat availability and comfortable, facilities inside the transportation and cleanliness.

4.1 Introduction
After the data are analyzed completely, the result of descriptive analysis is explained in the following subsections respectively.
4.2 Samples and profiles
Descriptive Analysis
Majority of the respondents are female with 68.3% (41) and 63.3% (38) were single. Most of the respondents selected were Malaysians and 61.7% (37) of them were Malay. Forty three (71.7%) respondents were teenagers (18 – 29 years old) and 56.7% (34)...

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