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Clifton Adams: Iaas 481 Chapter 10 Case Exercise

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This week, the saga continues when a RWW technician, Drew, takes a call from the wife. Drew's wife informs him that they have a sick child and asks him to get some medicine on his commute home. He, therefore, made the decision to leave is job early. The procedural manual, sequentially organized, and containing checklists which were issued to all of the operations center employees and used in everyday operations was in Drew's possession. Only one check box remained unchecked on Drew's checklists as he scurried to his workstation to secure it. Due to the fact no shift directly proceed Drew's, he carefully worked through the shutdown checklist ensuring that the security, environmental, and safety systems were correctly set before he set the burglar alarm as he was exiting the building. During the same time frame, a high school student was sent a hyperlink to a warez site by a new Internet friend where she downloaded the Blendo kit. The Blendo kit combines a network scanner, worm, and macro virus with a mass e-mailer in the creation of an attack program. This high school student configured and imported a custom script provided by her new friend into Blendo. The script was created to exploit a zero day vulnerability. Unbeknown to the high school student, she had developed a new malware code that would paralyze the Internet. She exported and attached the attack scrip to an email and sent it to an anonymous remailer. Naively, she configured the mail back option to forward to an anonymous e-mail for tracking purposes. Shortly thereafter, the email account was overrun with emails. RWW's e-mail gateway was working hard as usual sorting and forwarding incoming email to the mailboxes of and Unfortunately the one check box that remained unchecked on Drew's checklists was the one directing Drew to download and install the security update that patch the new vulnerability. You guessed it, the RWW mail server ran the high students attack code because it was not patched. RWW's mail server immediately set to work sending infected email to everyone associated with RWW; infecting all the other RWW severs; and deleting files on the infected servers. The IDS (intrusion detection system) was unable to contain the infection, however, was able to send Iris a message to her Smartphone. (Whitman & Mattord, 2010 pp. 333 & 334). The case exercise extends this scenario to include Iris, who's smart-phone beeped. Thinking that it was junk...

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